Best M44 class build in XDefiant

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M44 loadout XDefiant

Here’s the best M44 loadout to use in XDefiant along with the best attachments to help you eliminate enemies from afar with ease.

XDefiant Preseason is in full swing and there are plenty of weapons to try out in Ubisoft’s new shooter. If you’re looking to hunt players from a distance with a Sniper, the M44 is a solid option. The weapon has already emerged as a favorite pick.

On that note, check out the best M44 build to use in XDefiant

Best XDefiant M44 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Light Suppressor
  • Barrel: Heavy Barrel
  • Optics: Variable Zoom Scope
  • Rear Grip: Leather Wrapped
  • Stock: Lightweight Stock

For the optimal M44 loadout in XDefiant, we recommend equipping the Light Suppressor to avoid being detected on the minimap.

While this suppressor won’t make you 100% undetectable, you’ll only appear on the radar of those within a 24-meter range. This is a worthwhile tradeoff as you’ll able to find vantage points to snipe from and hold them without being detected.

On the other hand, using the Heavy Barrel will maximize the M44’s firepower at the expense of some mobility. To counteract this, we suggest using the Leather Wrapped Rear Grip along with the Lightweight Stock for better ADS and movement speed.

M44 loadout
You can use the M44 sniper rifle from the beginning in XDefiant.

While the M44 doesn’t offer guaranteed one-shot kills, most enemies will go down with a precise headshot. The increased ADS time our build offers will also help with quick scoping enemies at close range.

Best secondary & equipment for M44 class

Since the M44 is a classic bolt-action rifle in XDefiant, you’ll need a secondary weapon with a faster rate of fire to complement it, like the 93R. The handgun’s three-shot bursts are exactly what you’ll need when enemies close the distance on you and make sniping unfeasible.

For equipment, the choice of throwables boils down to personal preference, but we recommend Proximity Mines. You can throw these out near you to ensure that enemies don’t take you by surprise when you’re looking down the scope.

Best Faction for M44 class

The Phantoms Faction is the best to use with this M44 build in XDefiant, specifically due to the Mag Barrier ability. This ability lets you put down a temporary shield to snipe through and also protects from incoming damage. However, you’ll have to be careful and make sure to turn away once the barrier is destroyed.

Alternatively, you can also opt for the Echelon Faction. Sniping effectively is all about stealth, so having a Digital Ghille Suit in your arsenal is quite ideal.

How to unlock M44 in XDefiant

The M44 is one of the base weapons in XDefiant that is unlocked at the start of the game. This means you can use it straight away, unlike the attachments which you’ll need to unlock by grinding weapon levels.

To make the grind a bit quicker, take advantage of Double XP and check out our guide on how to rank up quickly.

Best XDefiant M44 alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to this M44 class in XDefiant, you can try using the TAC-50, the other Sniper in the game which all but guarantees one-shot kills.

However, we also recommend giving this SVD build a chance. This Marksman Rifle is less powerful than the M44 but offers incredible mobility and a better fire rate, making it well worth using.

Now that you’re all set with the best M44 loadout in XDefiant, it’s important to make sure your settings are on point. So, here are the ideal PCcontroller, and audio settings to run.

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