Best MP7 class build in XDefiant

Nathan Warby
MP7 with XDefiant logo

The SMG category is extremely competitive in XDefiant, with plenty of solid choices available. But, the MP7 is a meta option that’s a great choice for any map and mode, especially when you use the correct attachments for it.

Here’s how you can make the best MP7 class in Season 1.

Best XDefiant MP7 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Light Suppressor
  • Front Rail: Angled
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip
  • Stock: Padded

The best MP7 build in XDefiant doubles down on its mobility while enhancing its overall damage to make it a close-range monster.

Kicking things off is the Angled and Heavy grips, which buff the SMG’s horizontal recoil. Also, the Angled grip in the front rail gives an interesting buff to aiming stability, but to improve it even more, we selected the Padded stock, which also increases recoil recovery.

Finally, the Quick Mag option will make reloading much quicker, letting you get back into the fight right away, while the Light Suppressor will help you infiltrate and stay undetected on your rivals’ minimap.

With this build, I found that the MP7 was easily the best all-around SMG in XDefiant, combining speed and mobility with sheer power and accuracy. Be sure to give it a try in your next match.

MP7 class build in XDefiant
This MP7 build will make you the king of the close-range combats in XDefiant.

Best secondary & equipment

The D50 and the Flashbang Grenade are the best options to complete this MP7 build in XDefiant.

The Flashbang will help you blind your enemies, making them easy to kill, while the D50 will provide the long-range power that this SMG lacks.

Best Faction

The best Faction to use the MP7 in XDefiant is the Cleaners with the Fire Bomb ability. Both the Fire Bomb and the MP7 excel in close-range combat, so if you use this combo in any match, you’re sure to secure more than one kill.

Cleaners Ability Tree XDefiant
Cleaners are specialized in fighting with fire and explosives.

Another good option for using the MP7 is Echelon with the Digital Ghillie Suit ability, allowing you to infiltrate invisibly and take enemies by surprise.

How to unlock MP7

You can unlock the MP7 in XDefiant by getting 20 Point-Blank kills with any of the other SMGs. This is one of the Base Challenges, where you’ll also find objectives to earn other weapons in the game.

Point-Blank kills only register if the enemy is less than five meters away, but by flanking the enemy team or pushing objectives, it shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Best alternatives

If the MP7 isn’t cutting it for you, I found that the MP5A2 is a great alternative SMG with great all-around stats. But, if you want something with a little more bite, the Vector .45 is the most powerful gun in the class if you can keep its recoil in check.

On top of this best MP7 loadout, make sure you’re set up for success with the best controller settings, PC settings, and Factions. Or, if you’re looking to switch things up, here are the best Assault Rifles to run.