Best M9 class build in XDefiant

Lucas Simons
Best M9 build XDefiant

The M9 Handgun is a powerful Secondary Weapon in XDefiant, and with the right attachments, it can become even better. So, here’s the best build for the M9, including loadout, how to unlock, and more.

XDefiant has an assortment of Secondary Weapons for your builds, but the M9 is one of the best of its class. With its great directional control, huge magazine, and lightweight frame, this weapon is ideal for any game mode.

So, here is the best loadout for the M9 in XDefiant to turn this Handgun into a potent Secondary Weapon.

Best XDefiant M9 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Light Suppressor – Unlocked at Level 4
  • Magazine: Quick Mag – Unlocked at Level 5
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw – Unlocked at Level 17
  • Optics: Reflex Sight – Unlocked at Level 2

This XDefiant M9 class focuses on precision, agility, and stealth above all else. The Light Suppressor Muzzle being is the centerpiece of this class build, dropping your detection range to a minimum. This means you can infiltrate and re-position yourself without fearing close-quarter encounters.

The Quick Draw Rear Grip and Quick Magazine combo is great for any Secondary Weapon that can equip it since it guarantees you always outspeed your rivals when reloading and drawing. This has saved me a lot of times when I get discovered while sniping, and switching fast to my Secondary allowed me to survive some critical encounters.

Finally, the Reflex Sight is the most comfortable one for Handguns, since it’s not too high and is ideal for close encounters, ensuring you’re always aiming for headshots when switching to your Secondary.

M9 with suppressor XDefiant
The M9 is the ideal stealth weapon to pair up with Snipers or Marksman Rifles.

Best primary & equipment for M9 class in XDefiant

The best primary weapon for this M9 build is the M44 Sniper Rifle. With its powerful damage output and longest range of all its weapon classes, the M44 makes a perfect pair for this lightweight Handgun.

Additionally, you should carry Proximity Mines as your preferred equipment, since they’re the ideal device to carry around for sniping jobs.

Just make sure to place a Proximity Mine near the entrance of your camping spot, and it will cover your back when you are busy scoping for targets. The ideal place to put them is near ledges since the enemy won’t be able to notice it as it climbs, and it will kill any hostile approaching.

Best Faction for M9 class in XDefiant

The best XDefiant Faction to play with an M9 in your build is Echelon. With their Passive Trait, Low Profile, they are able to play the role of the Sniper and Infiltrator in almost any team composition. The M9 serves its purpose far better with this stealth-focused Faction, ensuring you remain undetected even after losing your Digital Ghillie Suit’s invisibility.

Another good Faction to play with the M9 is DedSec, since it’s heavily reliant on going undetected by the enemy.

How to unlock M9 in XDefiant

In XDefiant, the M9 is your starter Secondary Weapon and you don’t need to complete a challenge to unlock it.

But keep in mind that to unlock all the required attachments for the best build, you’ll still need to level it up until at least level 17.

Make sure you take the chance to participate in Double Weapon XP events to reach the requirements even faster.

Best XDefiant alternatives to M9 build

In XDefiant, the M9 is one of the most reliable of its class, but there are other alternatives like the powerful 686 Magnum or the lethal D50. Both of them are heavy Secondary Weapons with more damage and recoil but are built for long-range skirmishes.

If you’re looking for alternatives to the M9 with a more agile focus, then the 93R and the M1911 are the best choices on the menu. The 93R is a reliable burst-fire pistol that has the lowest damage in its class, but it is the only Secondary Weapon that can equip a Stock, almost turning it into an SMG. Meanwhile, the M1911 is a sidearm with balanced firepower and mobility, ideal for every occasion.

So that’s a wrap on the best M9 loadout for XDefiant, now go and conquer those rankings. And if you’re looking for the best weapons, like shotguns, or maybe SMGs, remember to check out our XDefiant section.