Best Devices in XDefiant: Ranked list

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XDefiant Sticky Grenade

XDefiant has an assortment of Devices to disrupt your enemies and change the tide of battle. Here is a ranked list of all the Devices in XDefiant, including their effects, and the best Factions to use them with.

In XDefiant, no build is complete without choosing Devices. Every Faction can use these tools to outsmart their opponents in XDefiant’s game modes.

Here is a ranked list of all Devices in XDefiant, including how to unlock them, and the best faction to use them with.

All XDefiant Devices ranked

There are five Devices in XDefiant and all of them serve a different purpose. In terms of utility and versatility, we’ve put together a ranking of the best Devices in the game.

  1. Proximity Mine
  2. Sticky Grenade
  3. Flashbang Grenade
  4. EMP Grenade
  5. Frag Grenade

It is important to mention that as the game releases new Devices in its upcoming seasons, there might be new inclusions or modifications to this ranked list.

Best XDefiant Devices

5. Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade in XDefiant
The Frag Grenade will help you deal with groups of enemies in XDefiant.

In XDefiant the Frag Grenade is the standard throwable Device that can be used on just about any occasion. It causes explosive damage in the area you send it flying.

The best Faction to use this Device is Echelon, since the Digital Ghillie Suit allows them to deploy grenades and mines without breaking the invisibility effect. Accompany the Frag Grenade with weapons such as the P90 or the Double Barrel to smoke out opponents hidden behind cover.

This Device is useful in Escort, Occupy, and Zone Control, where players are gathered in enclosed spaces and are easier targets for the Frag Grenade.

You’ll have the Frag Grenade as a starter Device in X Defiant, so it is not necessary to unlock it through a challenge.

4. EMP Grenade

The EMP Grenade in XDefiant
The EMP Grenade is an ability disruption Device.

In terms of utility, the XDefiant EMP Grenade is a little bit better than the other Devices, since it temporarily disrupts and disables enemy deployable abilities. The effect has a shorter duration than other disruptive Devices and a smaller area of effect.

This Device is the ultimate counter against El Remedio and Mag Barrier, and the best Faction to use it with is Cleaners. Their kit is countered by those abilities, especially the Incinerator Drone.

This Device is a must-have for the Escort and Occupy game modes since defensive abilities are used by defending teams. Combine it with an LMG such as the M60 to clear out groups of enemies defending targets.

If you want to unlock the EMP Grenade, you need to deal 400 damage to enemy equipment with any Device.

3. Flashbang Grenade

Flashbang Grenade in XDefiant
The Flashbang Grenade is great for crowd control, but beware not to blind yourself.

The Flashbang Grenade is one of the most useful Devices in XDefiant, it causes a loud bang in a wide area of effect that blinds and deafens opponents, and it is quite hard to counter. This effect lasts for about 3.5 seconds, which is a lot of time to kill several blinded opponents.

This Device is the best tool to counter camping players since they will barely have any time to look away when you throw this over their hiding spots. Use them with the Echelon Faction and their covert abilities to ensure your team has the upper hand to defend against ambushes.

Combining the Flashbang Grenade with a versatile weapon like the MDR can be quite a powerful build to eliminate enemies waiting in key areas during Escort or Occupy matches.

To unlock the Flashbang Grenade in X Defiant, you need to kill 25 enemies suffering from Status Conditions such as burning, blinded, or electrocuted.

2. Sticky Grenade

Sticky Grenade in XDefiant
The Sticky Grenade is a powerful tool, if you master it you’ll become unstoppable.

The Sticky Grenade is the second-best Device in XDefiant, a reliable throwable explosive that sticks on surfaces or enemies and explodes after a brief period. Its area of effect is smaller than the Frag Grenade, but its damage output is closer to the Proximity Mine.

The Libertad Faction is the best pick to utilize a Sticky Grenade since they lack offensive abilities and this Device is great for causing damage.

This Device is ideal for every game mode since it has great versatility and can be included in several builds and tactics.

Combining the Sticky Grenade with an agile weapon like the Vector.45 or the MP5A2 will grant you a considerable tactical advantage against groups of enemies pinned together. If you find yourself targetted by a small group of enemies, you can make them scatter by throwing a Sticky Grenade at them.

To unlock the Sticky Grenade in XDefiant, you need to inflict 25 Status Conditions with Devices. This can be easily accomplished if you previously unlocked the Flashbang Grenade.

1. Proximity Mine – Best Device in XDefiant

Proximity Mine in XDefiant
The Proximity Mine can be a good way to cover your back.

The Proximity Mine in XDefiant is the best of the best in terms of offensive Devices. Stepping near a Proximity Mine means death, simple as that. They cause huge damage in a wide area and can kill several enemies at the same time.

Using the Echelon Faction to plant Mines behind enemy lines during Domination or near spawning areas in Zone Control can deal a huge blow to the enemy team. But this Device shines brightest during Escort – Defense mode, and while you play with the DedSec Faction, you can deploy up to two mines at the same time, and you will never run out of them.

The ideal weapons to use with Proximity Mines are Sniper Rifles, since you can fortify your sniping position with these Devices to prevent players from ambushing you from behind.

To unlock Proximity Mine in XDefiant you need to cause 1000 damage to players with Devices, a pretty straightforward challenge.

Those were the best Devices ranked for XDefiant, remember that every loadout and ability in the game has its pros and cons, and using these gadgets will surely help you level up the Battle Pass.

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