Best D50 class build in XDefiant

Lucas Simons
Best D50 class build XDefiant

The D50 pistol is a tremendously powerful gun in XDefiant, and here’s a build to make this Secondary Weapon truly unstoppable with the best attachments.

XDefiant has weapons for every possible build, and the D50 best suits players looking to outgun their enemies. With its low recoil and heavy damage, this weapon has the highest damage output of its class, and it’s ideal for those game modes where you need to eliminate targets faster.

Here is the best build for the D50 in XDefiant, with the best attachments for precision and range, and the best Faction to choose for the sidearm.

Best XDefiant D50 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender – Unlocked at Level 11
  • Magazine: Extended Mag – Unlocked at Level 15
  • Rear Grip: Heavy Grip – Unlocked at Level 3
  • Optic: Reflex Sight – Unlocked at Level 2

This XDefiant D50 build is all about precision and stopping power. When hitting your opponents in the head, you want to have the maximum target acquisition, so we went with the Barrel Extender. For precision, go with the Heavy Grip which provides that extra control you need to counter its hard recoil.

The Extended Magazine pairs well with the D50 since it’s the solution for this weapon’s main weakness: the few rounds per magazine compared to other weapons. There were many situations where I took enemy players by surprise unloading a full Extended Magazine on them.

Finally, the Reflex Sight is the most comfortable sight for this Handgun, since it’s good at mid, short, and long ranges. And trust me, versatility is always a good option when you want to outsmart your rivals in XDefiant.

D50 pistol in XDefiant
The Quick Grip doesn’t suit the D50, since it is preferred to improve precision over speed.

Best Primary & equipment for D50 class in XDefiant

The best XDefiant Primary Weapon to accompany this D50 class is the MDR, with its tremendously versatile frame, this Assault Rifle can also be used as an SMG, and it is great for both mid-range and long-range shooting.

The best equipment to accompany this D50 build is the Sticky Grenade, one of the strongest devices in XDefiant, and ideal for suppressing groups of enemies while you take them down with the D50.

Best Faction for D50 in XDefiant

The best XDefiant Faction to choose when including the D50 in your build is Echelon. With their access to the Digital Ghillie Suit, which turns you practically invisible, you’ll clean house if you infiltrate using the D50.

Keep in mind that one shot to the head with this weapon means instant death, so being invisible is a great tactical advantage.

How to unlock D50 in XDefiant

The D50 is a relatively easy gun to unlock in XDefiant, players need to cause 1000 damage with Secondary Weapons to complete its challenge and unlock it permanently.

To unlock its attachments can be a little harsh, even more so since it requires grinding loads of Weapon Experience. Thankfully, the Double Weapon XP events are good ways to level up your weapons faster.

Best XDefiant alternatives to D50 build

In XDefiant, the D50 is one of the hard-hitting Secondary Weapons, alongside the 686 Magnum, and considering these two are pretty similar, they pair nicely with most of the same Factions and builds.

If you’re looking for lighter alternatives the M1911 or the M9 are definitely what you’re looking for. But don’t rely on them to cause too much damage, since they’re fast weapons and trade damage for fire rate and agility.

Remember that when building this D50 class in XDefiant, there are a lot of primary weapons, like shotguns, marksman rifles, or SMGs. So, keep a balanced build in mind if you want to improve your skills and counter annoying abilities like the Spiderbot.

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