Secret Pokemon Go Buddy feature takes hardcore players by surprise

Niladri Sarkar
squirtle as a buddy in pokemon go

Buddies are one of the most important parts of Pokemon Go but a certain feature about some of them is largely unexplored, even by veteran players of the mobile game.

Pokemon Go has come a long way since its inception in 2016 and just like mainline games like Scarlet and Violet, you can interact, feed, and play with your favorite Pokemon, courtesy of the popular Buddy system.

While trainers use this mechanic to power up and evolve their best attackers, a certain feature has more than meets the eye and many have no clue about it – unique Buddy animations.

One such trainer is user ‘Snorlaxian1’ who posted on Reddit: “Shaymin leaves a flower trail as you walk. Do any other mons have cool buddy animations?”

The post set the community abuzz with excitement, as fellow users revealed details about several fan favorites that pleasantly surprised many trainers, including those who play the game regularly.

From the Mythical Meloetta changing the game’s background music, Zapdos and Rayquaza bothering Team Rocket balloons, to Diancie leaving a trail of gems, even the most experienced trainers had no idea and their reactions included: “Didn’t know this one” and “Wait really?”

A dedicated player with a Best Buddy Meloetta, one of the rarest finds in Pokemon Go, confessed that they just found out about the Mythical’s ability to change the soundtrack.

If all this wasn’t remarkable enough already, these Buddy animations also shed light on details about Pokemon as old as Gen 1. “Cloyster moves backward,” a fan shared while stating that they had to Google to verify that this is how Cloyster was always intended to move.

Also, a person who captured Marshadow from the in-person Go Fest 2024 celebrations added a fun tidbit about the new Mythical. They wrote, “Marshadow leaves a trail of shadow, sometimes stretching the whole road if you’re moving too fast (like in a car). Literally the best effect IMO.”

This Buddy feature is certainly an exciting one, and fans will hope that the debuting Necrozma and its Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions in Pokemon Go Fest 2024 will also have such effects.