Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players discover secret feature that flew under the radar

Joaquín Frere
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player using the let's go feature in the game.

Paldean trainers are shocked to find this forgotten mechanic after many hours of playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and its DLCs.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are no short of mechanics, and with many being part of the game’s UI, players can sometimes forget about them. After many hours into their Pokemon adventure, this player was shocked to find a UI detail he had never seen before.

Reddit user ‘Final-Cheesecake4320’ jumped into Reddit to ask other trainers about a certain UI icon that they hadn’t spotted before. “Can somebody enlighten me please?” the OP said while asking about an icon that was “just there the whole evening.”

While playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the OP found that their Tyranitar was using a “high five” icon to tell the trainer something, but they couldn’t figure out what it was. User ‘Gaias_Minion’ quickly jumped to explain the feature: “That icon means you’ve told your Pokemon to stop and stand in one place.”

The helpful user continued explaining to the OP that if they “click the Right stick, your character whistles to stop your pokemon or make them move again.” Shocked by this finding, the OP replied: “Uhh this sounds right! I’m using a switch light and often use wrong buttons accidentally. Thank you. :)”

Joining the confused player, the same user added that this was a problem commonly found in cases where players tried to act like in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. “Way too many times since I started Violet that I hit the control stick to run like in Legends, but just whistle,” said ‘Gaias_Minion.’

And that is all! It seems that using a Nintendo Switch Lite might’ve been the cause of the OP’s confusion. For more on Pokemon, check out all the Pokemon Go Bug Out event details or how to beat the Mega Charizard X raids in Niantic’s mobile game.

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