Game-breaking issues plague Pokemon Go despite nearing 8th anniversary

Niladri Sarkar
huge crowd gathered for a pokemon go event

Even with the 8th anniversary of Pokemon Go right around the corner, the game has several glaring issues that are making it unplayable for trainers.

The recent updates and additions to Pokemon Go, starting with the Rediscover campaign, have missed the mark with plenty of bugs and issues taking over the gameplay, leaving fans fuming and disappointed with the devs.

It all started with the avatar updates that invited outrage from trainers worldwide. Despite their best efforts, players couldn’t make their in-game selves look normal as they were a far cry from how they previously looked. The new avatar models weren’t justified for a game nearing its 8th anniversary in July 2024.

When the biomes and new backgrounds started rolling out, they seemed to be a step in the right direction. But, lag played spoilsport for most players and it even added the annoying Curveball bug making Pokemon catches impossibly hard. Even though the Curveball bug can be fixed, it resulted in lower-quality graphics.

So, when a user named ‘SirHangingChad’ wrote a long Reddit post detailing these issues, it prompted fellow trainers to share their experiences. Along with the concerns since the Rediscover update, players highlighted more problems.

One pointed out the Remote Raid bug, due to which players couldn’t encounter Tapu Fini even after beating the Raid battle. Another added: “Clicking a remote invite freezes the game completely forcing a restart. If you are lucky it will immediately freeze again after restart.”

That’s not all as they also called out devs Niantic for the “bugfest” as the game nears its 8th anniversary. “An 8-year-old product that rakes in this much data and profit has no incentive to care about problems that don’t seriously impact that flow of data and profit,” a person commented.

With Go Fest 2024 looming and Pokemon Go debuting the long-awaited duo of Blacephalon and Stakataka, the community hopes the issues will be fixed before these major events.