Pokemon Go players warn against simple Buddy mistake deleting evolution progress

Niladri Sarkar
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Some evolutions in Pokemon Go require you to walk a certain distance with your Buddy and then evolve them, but many players are making a glaring mistake that’s costing them time and in-game resources.

One of the most popular features of Pokemon Go is interacting with your favorite Pokemon as Buddies by having them on the game map, walking with them, feeding them Berries, and doing PvP and PvE battles.

Many popular evolutions are unlocked after walking a certain distance as your Buddy in addition to their Candy requirement, making this feature incredibly popular amongst fans of the mobile game.

But, after a Reddit user named ‘KanckigeCurrywurst’ asked, “[Hisuian] Sneasel keeps forgetting that we walked, already had to walk the 7 km twice (forgot to evolve it afterwards). Is this normal?” fellow players had the answers, shedding light on a goof that even veteran trainers end up making.

A user speculated that the OP didn’t try to evolve their Hisuian Sneasel while keeping it as a Buddy after completing the walking requirement. They added: “Set it as your buddy. Walk 7km with it. Then unbuddy it. Then press evolve.”

This mistake is making trainers lose out on several Berries as well as Poffins when trying to earn Candies with a Buddy.

Two other popular Pokemon Go evolutions that require these methods are Umbreon and Espeon. But in their case, they need to be Buddies only until you complete the 10km distance and the evolution depends on the time of the day.

“It even shows what it will evolve into once you walk it 10km depending if it is day or night,” a trainer explained.

Regarding the Buddy not showing the distance covered, a player mentioned, “My advice is once [distance] is complete, do not swap buddies. It eventually rectifies itself. If you swap buddies, the walking distance will be applied to the new buddy.”

You should know that you can still add Buddy distance when not playing the game by keeping your Adventure Sync on.

As you explore the world of Pokemon Go with your Buddy, don’t forget to check out the Routes and PokeStop Showcases along the way.

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