Pokemon Go’s hidden trick to follow disappeared Routes makes Zygarde Cell farming easy

Niladri Sarkar
a pokemon go trainer following routes

A keen-eyed Pokemon Go player had made a startling discovery – finding and following old Routes that are now unavailable on the game map, making the Zygarde Cell grind easier.

Introduced in July 2023, Routes continues to be among the most talked-about features in Pokemon Go as it helps trainers get one of the best Pokemon for the Go Battle League, Zygarde.

You need to cover several Routes to collect Zygarde Cells and collect the different forms of this coveted Legendary. And, if the Routes you created and used have disappeared, you can now follow them again!

This was found by Reddit user ‘MaritoTM96’ who shared how to follow Routes that are no longer available in the Routes Menu.

The OP wrote: “You have to go to your profile, scroll down to the Route Badges, and go into the Followed Routes section. There you will find all the Routes that you previously followed and if you select one Route, you will find the Follow button.”

Several Pokemon Go trainers thanked the OP for this handy information, admitting that they had no idea about it. Taking on Routes previously followed helps you make the most of the adventure, being aware of the PokeStop Showcases, spawn points, and possible Raids along the way.

Also, it helps you gauge the part of the Route where Cells would pop up, making it quicker to collect the 250 required to get the 50% and 100% forms of Zygarde.

That said, some players pointed out something to keep in mind. “It doesn’t help with Routes that you have created but never followed,” one reply explained. But, this isn’t much of a bother as the community is more concerned with the Routes they have prior experience with.

While it may take time for you to get all Zygarde 100% in Pokemon Go, you can dominate the Master League with other powerhouses like MewtwoTogekiss, and Dragonite.