Is Diancie good in Pokemon Go PvP & PvE? How to get, best moveset & shiny availability

Diancie in Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Diancie, the Mythical Rock/Fairy Pokemon made its debut in Pokemon Go, and now players are wondering if it’s any good in PvP and PvE? Here’s all the information about the Jewel Pokemon.

During Pokemon Go Fest 2023 players received two major debuts that made Pokemon Go fans swirl with excitment. The arrival of Diancie and Mega Diancie at the same time brought a lot of new content into the game, not to mention the arrival of Mega Rayquaza and the Meteorites mechanic.

Trainers that participated in the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 had their chances to catch one of these Mythical Pokemon, and are proabably wondering, is Diancie any good in PvE/PvP? Here’s what you need to know.

How to get Diancie in Pokemon Go

Diancie in Pokemon Go is a Go Fest 2023 exclusive Pokemon, and players can only get their hands on it by encountering it in raids during the event.

There’s no official confirmation of any other methods yet, but it may be possible that Diancie makes it into the global pool in the near future. We will update this article if more information about Diancie’s availability comes up.

Is shiny Diancie available in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot get a shiny Diancie in Pokemon Go, yet. As with any Pokemon Go debut, it will take time for Diancie to be added to the game in its shiny version.

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The next time it makes an appearance during a Pokemon Go event, it could arrive with a shiny version. We will let you know if and when this happens.

Shiny Diancie Pokemon Sword and ShieldGame Freak/The Pokemon Company
Diancie is not available in its shiny form in Pokemon Go.

Is Diancie good in Pokemon Go PvP?

For those who are wondering if Diancie is any good in PvP, the answer is that Diancie is not worth using. The reason is that Diancie’s Mega Evolution form cannot be used in PvP, so its benefits don’t apply to this kind of battle.

At the same time, Diancie is easily surpassed by other Rock-type Pokemon, like Bastiodon, Terrakion, and Rhyperior. And it doesn’t have enough solid performance points in the Great League scoreboard, placing 493rd as players’ choice. In Ultra League, it does a little better, placing in the 265th ranking, and making it into the 252nd ranking in Master League according to PvPoke.

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Best Diancie Pokemon Go PvP moveset

If you still want to try your odds with Diancie in Pokemon Go PvP, the ideal moveset would be Rock Throw as a fast Move, and Rock Slide as a Charged Move.

Though Diancie doesn’t work too well when it comes to overall damage output, Rock Throw has a decent CD and Energy Gained per use, its base Power is 8, making it into the top 50 best Fast Moves for PvP.

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Mega Diancie in the AnimeThe Pokemon Company
Mega Diancie is available in Pokemon Go, but cannot be used in PvP.

Is Diancie good in Pokemon Go PvE?

Yes, Diancie is a great choice in Pokemon Go PvE. Trainers that have Diancie in their teams should look to PvE content as this is where Diancie and Mega Diancie perform at their finest.

Using Mega Diancie as a solid Rock/Fairy dual type in Raids should bring a considerable advantage against Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon like Rayquaza, or Fire-types like Moltres or HoHo.

It also has a decent base HP pool, that is booseted even further when Mega Evolved. This makes Diancie and Mega Diancie pretty viable in PvE.

Best Diancie Pokemon Go PvE moveset

Best moveset for Diancie in Pokemon Go PvE content would include Rock Throw as main Fast Attack and Rock Slide as a Charged Attack, as it is its fastest Charged Move and does considerable DPS (47).

Power Gem or Moonblast are also viable for Charged Attacks, as they offer a great balance between attack time and damage, with a regular DPS output of approximately 44 Damage, which is a little less than Rock Slide.

All Diancie Pokemon Go moves

Here’s the current moveset pool for Diancie in Pokemon Go:

Diancie Pokemon Go Fast Moves

  • Tackle (Normal)
  • Rock Throw (Rock)

Diancie Pokemon Go Charged Moves

  • Rock Slide (Rock)
  • Power Gem (Rock)
  • Moon Blast (Fairy)

And that’s basically all you need to know about Diancie in PvP and PvE, but if you are still looking for more Pokemon Go content, we have a good selection of tips in our guide section right here:

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