Pokemon Go leaks tease improvements to Routes & Party Play

Ezequiel Leis
Zygarde forms in Pokemon Go Routes

Dataminers suggest Niantic is working on updates for the Routes and Party Play features in Pokemon Go, so here’s everything we know.

Pokemon Go added many new features in 2023, but most of them felt lackluster due to poor rewards and tedious grinding. Players voiced their concerns and many have completely abandoned these mechanics after bad experiences, bugs, and other issues.

However, a recent datamining report suggests Niantic are working on these features, looking to add new elements and make them more exciting for Pokemon Go trainers.

First, new in-game texts suggest players will be able to share Items with their party members while in Party Play. The datamined line says: “Share items with your party. Each party member will receive part of the item’s effects.” More datamined information revealed there will be some kind of daily limit to the number of items you can share in Party Play.

This suggests the new feature will be exclusive to items that have effects, like Lucky Eggs, Incenses, and Star Pieces. It could become the greatest incentive to play alongside other trainers in Party Play so far, so many players are excited. However, others are wondering what “part of the item’s effects” actually means.

On the other hand, Routes will allow players to get a maximum of 3 Zygarde Cells per Route explored. One of the main complaints about this feature is that you need to complete too many Routes to get very few Zygarde Cells, making it a tedious task many already abandoned.

Pokemon Go will also add more Badges for players that complete unique Routes and unlock other achievements. What’s more, trainers will be able to get partial rewards for exploring Routes without reaching its end, according to more datamined information.

Lastly, the report also teased tags are coming to Routes for players to identify their Routes more efficiently. Some players already have Routes tags in their game, so it might be a matter of time until the rest of the datamined features arrive.

It’s worth noting, however, that these findings don’t necessarily mean all these changes are coming to Pokemon Go. Some might take some time to apply, while others might not even make it, so we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt for now. However, with Pokemon Go Fest 2024 getting closer, Niantic might be planning to improve these features by then.

We’ll make sure to keep you updated with the latest Pokemon Go news regarding Routes and Party Play. In the meantime, you can check how to beat the Pokemon Go Mega Gyarados Raid or how to evolve Cosmog into Solgaleo or Lunala to be ready for Go Fest.