Pokemon Go players baffled by limited Mega Rayquaza return

Niladri Sarkar
legendary mega rayquaza in pokemon go

Mega Rayquaza is finally returning to Pokemon Go, but not in the way players expected to catch this iconic Legendary, leaving them confused and angry.

There’s no species as powerful as Mega Rayquaza in Pokemon Go, and trainers are eager to dominate PvE battles with this OP Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon. It was last available during Go Fest 2023 and now, it’s coming back to the game in June 2024, but with a rude twist – Elite Raids.

So, Remote Raid Passes will not work and the event will be held at limited Gyms on a Saturday, making it challenging for many people to coordinate with others and take down the powerful Boss. This led to a Reddit post from user ‘kerrysluis’ who called it “unfortunate news for Mega Rayquaza.”

Fans called it “shocking and confusing,” with some claiming that they might not even take part in the Elite Raids, despite being excited about it previously. You should know that Mega Rayquaza was earlier teased in a Google Play Store image for the Pokemon Go app.

Many found Mega Rayquaza’s Elite Raid availability startling, especially when the Primal forms of Groudon and Kyogre were featured in exclusive Raid Day events on Sundays, giving everyone a great opportunity to bag these powerful Legendaries. Players called the former a “great success,” while adding: “Mega Rayquaza: Stupid shi**y elite raids nobody likes. Like, why?!”

Others called in-person Raids the worst, and were disappointed with devs Niantic for playing spoilsport with fans excited to have a chance at finally catching Mega Rayquaza, even making some trainers comment that they’re “done with Pokemon Go.”

Note that Mega Rayquaza Elite Raids will appear on June 29, 2024, at 12 PM, 1 PM, 5 PM, and 6 PM local time in certain Gyms, and will be available for less than half an hour.

With Rayquaza requiring Meteorites along with a whopping 400 Mega Energy to evolve, players hope these items will be up for grabs from the Raids themselves or Research tasks.