Pokemon Go players beg Niantic to bring back classic feature

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go Niantic old Loading Screen

Players have been requesting Niantic to bring back a lot of old features, and among those, this is one of the highly requested ones.

For Pokemon Go players, this World of Wonders season has been packed up with many changes. From new content to the highly requested QoL changes being silently rolled out, Pokemon trainers are receiving lots of attention from the devs.

But some trainers are feeling a little nostalgic about an old feature, and gathered in the Pokemon Go subreddit to ask for it to come back.

A player named ‘ImBurntToast21’ shared their thoughts about the original loading screens of the game that appeared from 2016 to 2019, and many fans agreed these “just hit differently.”

Trainers also remembered the old “warning” signs that appeared on the loading screens, which were meant to prevent accidents from being “too focused on catching Pokemon.”

One of the Pokemon Go trainers expressed: “I love that the general safety vibe I got from a lot of these was ‘Be aware of your surroundings because you might run into a Steelix or something’,” to what a trainer answered sarcastically: “But then the real danger is just something boring like cars and tripping hazards. Or if you live in Baltimore, gun violence statistics.”

It is unlikely that Niantic brings back the old loading screens. So next time you are walking while playing Pokemon Go, remember those warning signs and “be aware of your surroundings.”

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