How to get Marshadow in Pokemon Go & can it be shiny?

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pokemon go fest 2024 mythical marshadow

The iconic Marshadow is all set to make its much-awaited debut in Pokemon Go, and players are eager to add this Mythical to their teams. So here’s all you need to know about Marshadow in Pokemon Go.

Go Fest is the biggest extravaganza in Pokemon Go, as the grand event brings new Pokemon to the game alongside exciting Raid Bosses, Legendaries, and shinies available globally and in select locations.

The 2024 version has officially been announced, and players can’t wait to know all about it, but you must be particularly interested in the Mythical Pokemon Marshadow teased for the event.

So without any further ado, here’s all we know about Pokemon Go Fest 2024 as well as the details on Marshadow.

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 dates & locations

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 will take place on the following dates and locations:

  • May 30 to June 2: Sendai
  • June 14 to June 16, Madrid
  • July 5 to July 7, New York City
  • July 13 to July 14, Global

How to catch Marshadow in Pokemon Go

You can get Marshadow in Pokemon Go through the Special Research quest obtained by purchasing the Go Fest 2024 ticket.

You can purchase the Go Fest 2024 ticket, available now, from the Pokemon Go Web Store.

Can Marshadow be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Marshadow is expected to be available through paid Masterwork Research with a guaranteed chance to get the shiny version.

We will update the price and other details of a possible Masterwork Research once more is revealed.

That’s all we know about Pokemon Go Fest 2024 and Marshadow. In the meantime, have a look at our other guides and content:

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