Pokemon Go players praise Niantic for fixing “painful” Buddy feature

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go walking with buddy

A brand-new update to the Buddy system in Pokemon Go has players glowing with excitement as they applaud devs Niantic for putting many requested features live in the game.

Maxed-out Pokemon are incredibly strong in Pokemon Go but players can make them even stronger by making them their Best Buddies, which gives a boost to their CP and Stamina.

Also, making your favorite Pokemon your Buddy helps you get Candies for them faster, letting you power them up. Players can make multiple Buddies, and swap them up to 20 times a day to grind tasks with each.

Most trainers found this swapping feature rather frustrating and time-consuming, but now, you can finally bid adieu to all your Buddy woes as you can swap Pokemon right from your collection instead of going to the Buddy screen!

An excited trainer named ‘InvisibleSoul8’ on Reddit shared a post about the development, leading to a flurry of comments from fellow players.

Users lauded the upgrade by commenting: “Current season: World of Quality of Life Updates” as they admitted that Niantic has “been hitting it out of the park” with the many updates in recent times.

The ‘Swap Buddies’ button is now available under every species in Pokemon Go, letting you pick your Buddy without taking the trouble to go to the home screen, click on the button under your current Buddy, and scroll down your collection.

Another wrote, “Well that’s freaking awesome! Good job, Niantic!” as trainers said that it was previously “painful” to switch Buddies a lot and use up switches on some days.

While the community is undoubtedly pleased with how Buddies will now work in the game, a few pitched some other additions as well. “Next show us the XL candy alongside the candy & mega energy on the buddy overview screen please!”

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