Pokemon Go player finally discovers core feature after 2 years

Lucas Simons
Misty and Brock

Trainers are always helping each other in the Pokemon Go community. However, some players need even more help, like this trainer, who just figured out they’ve been missing critical info for years.

Pokemon Go is on a roll with the recent World of Wonders season kicking off some cool events, like the upcoming Weather Week and Verdant Wonders. But this game has a particular set of rules and mechanics that make it unique in the Pokemon franchise.

Catching Pokemon doesn’t always depend on skills but relies on an RNG system, and getting the best Pokemon is not always possible for every player. The game also has quite a lot of features, and now, with the most recent updates, even more so.

So, it is no surprise that new and returning players feel a little lost when tuning to Pokemon Go. However, this trainer learned a valuable lesson the hard way after noticing a critical feature they’ve been ignoring for years: the appraisal system.

This was posted by ‘AEsirrr’ on the Pokemon Go Reddit, alongside the statement: “I’ve been in this game for nearly 2 years casually and just discovered ‘appraise’. Wish I could turn back time and never built them.”

Members of the community gathered to offer this player some advice, including several useful links to IV chequers, guides, and more important information to make sure this player stays on the ‘Victory Road.’

But AEsirrr is not the only one who fell victim to the game’s counterintuitive appraisal system, as another player stated: “I don’t know how many better GL/UL Pokemon I transferred before I realized that highest IVs aren’t always better for PVP. Far too many. Talk about unintuitive.”

And, as a matter of fact, Pokemon Go is so different from the mainline games that it has its own “stats,” and most of the knowledge veteran Pokemon trainers have proves to be useless or needs some adjustments before they can triumph in this mobile game.

If you are looking for help, we have some guidance to offer. You can check the upcoming Spotlight Hour events here, and here’s all you need to know about the Great League and best teams to use.

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