Pokemon Go players want “easy fix” for bugged friend feature

Lucas Simons
Ash and Goh are Friends in the Pokemon Anime

Pokemon Go players are concerned about one of the oldest issues in the game and are asking for a solution.

A rising trend is making Pokemon Go players worry and it is related to the Friend feature and its XP bonuses. More and more Pokemon trainers are finding that upon reaching Best Friends status, they end up with “0 XP” as a reward.

Trainers are calling out for this feature to be “changed ASAP” or else they should remove it entirely as it is causing more trouble than benefits for them. Since World of Wonders has been a season with lots of QoL changes, it would make sense that this issue is addressed by the devs.

As ‘Federal-Captain1118’ pointed out in this Reddit post this tendency seems to be consistently increasing. Trainers are reaching Best Friends and immediately eliminating the friend and causing its reward to get bugged, effectively barring them from getting the XP bonus.

As another player expressed: “It really is one of the biggest problem with the game right now.” Their shock is understandable, as Pokemon Go doesn’t have an upper limit on how many friends you can have at the moment.

“The dumbest thing is there is absolutely no reason to be deleting people immediately after. You can have hundreds of friends,” an angry player expressed. “I just cannot figure it out, why would you not take advantage of the Lucky Trades,” another one stated.

This issue with the “0 Exp bug” as some trainers have called it, is that it persists throughout the years. There are thousands of posts in several Reddit groups including TheSilphRoad and Pokemon Go which date the existence of this problem to 6 years ago.

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