Best P90 class build in XDefiant

Lucas Simons
Best p90 build in XDefiant

The P90 is a fast and lethal SMG, capable of releasing a deadly storm of bullets at close range. Here’s every attachment you need to build the best loadout for the P90 in XDefiant.

XDefiant brings several great weapons to choose from, and the P90 SMG is one of the best weapons. This class build has great hip-fire stability, a brutal fire rate, and loads of bullets in its magazine to offer your enemies.

Here’s the best P90 loadout in XDefiant, including all the attachments you need to draw out the true potential of this SMG.

Best XDefiant P90 build attachments

  • Barrel: Chrome-lined Barrel
  • Front Rail: Superlight Grip
  • Magazine: Quick Mag
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw
  • Stock: Padded Stock

We’ve built the best XDefiant P90 class build for close-range accuracy, with great flinch control thanks to the Padded Stock. We’ve traded off recoil control for a little bit of agility thanks to its Superlight Grip. This build wouldn’t be complete without the Quick Mag and Quick Draw attachments, which guarantee fast draw speed and reload speed to unleash a deadly torrent of lead.

Finally, the Chrome-lined Barrel grants a boost to close and mid-range firepower, ensuring that you make the most out of the P90’s brutal rate of fire.

Best loadout P90 XDefiant
The Muzzle attachments interfere with the weapon’s optimal stats, so it’s better to use the default one.

Best secondary & equipment for P90 class in XDefiant

The best secondary weapon in XDefiant to use with the P90 is the D50. This handgun provides the long-range power that the SMG lacks.

Additionally, the Flashbang Grenade is a good option to blind your opponents, while the EMP Grenade is another great alternative to temporarily block enemy abilities.

Best Faction for P90 in XDefiant

The best Faction to use the P90 in XDefiant is the Cleaners with the Fire Bomb ability. This ability is used at close range, making it ideal to pair with this powerful SMG for a short-range combo.

Cleaners Ability Tree XDefiant
Cleaners are specialized in fighting with fire and explosives.

How to unlock P90 in XDefiant

To unlock the P90 SMG in XDefiant, you will need to get 10 SMG Hip Fire kills. It is important to mention that to be able to use this P90 Build, you’ll have to level up the weapon until level 28.

Best XDefiant P90 alternatives

In XDefiant the P90 is a great SMG, second only to the MP7 the apex predator of the game’s close-range weapons. But other decent alternatives for the SMG category include the MP5A2, with great recoil control and speed, and the Vector 45, a balanced SMG with inferior damage, but greater control.

All in all, that’s everything you need to know about the P90 in XDefiant, including the best class build, Factions to use, and more.

XDefiant has a lot of builds to test, with a bunch of factions and abilities you can choose from, and there’s even more coming our way in Year One.