Best guns in XDefiant: Every beta weapon ranked

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There are many guns to choose from in XDefiant that all cater to different playstyles. For those wondering what the best weapons are, here’s our guide.

XDefiant is a promising new FPS title that brings some of the most popular Ubisoft characters together to battle it out in various Call of Duty multiplayer-style game modes.

As well as the Factions with unique abilities, XDefiant also offers players loadouts with the option of a Primary, Secondary, and Device. Choosing your Primary weapon can be quite a difficult choice, especially if you’re unfamiliar with all of the game’s weapons.

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best weapons to use in the XDefiant closed beta, so you know which gun is for you.

Best XDefiant guns: Ranked list

There are a total of 18 weapons to use in XDefiant, all ranging in class and playstyle. Here’s a full breakdown of every gun in our ranked list:

  1. M4A1
  2. ACR 6.8
  3. MP7
  4. RPK-74
  5. Vector .45 ACP
  6. AK-47
  7. M16A4
  8. TAC-50
  9. SVD
  10. P90
  11. AA-12
  12. M60
  13. MP5A2
  14. M44
  15. MK 20 SSR
  16. M249
  17. M870
  18. Double Barrel
xdefiant cleaner faction with gunUbisoft
XDefiant has a range of weapons for all playstyles.

Best meta guns in XDefiant

10. P90

At number ten, we have the P90, which is reminiscent of the version in Call of Duty. This nippy SMG boasts the largest default magazine size, meaning you can add an attachment elsewhere. It’s also got great mobility and firepower, allowing you to take down enemies quickly.

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9. SVD – Best Marksman Rifle

As for the best Marksman Rifle in XDefiant, the SVD is an absolute semi-automatic monster. This gun allows you to take enemies down in quick fashion from range, with a two-shot potential. Its only downside is the lack of versatility up close.

8. TAC-50 – Best Sniper in XDefiant

For those who love quick scoping, the TAC-50 is a dream and easily the best of the two Snipers in XDefiant. While it may be difficult to master, this weapon is a one-shot machine.

7. M16A4

The M16A4 is XDefiant’s burst Assault Rifle, offering power and range at the expense of fire rate and mobility. This weapon can do some serious damage so long as you hit the target with all the bullets of a burst, but its need for range and accuracy doesn’t make it very well-rounded.

6. AK-47

In sixth, the classic AK-47 is a hard-hitting Assault Rifle that can do some serious work, with the best-in-class firepower, its overall stats make it the most well-rounded Assault Rifle in the game. However, its lack of control prevents it from being in the top five weapons for XDefiant.

5. Vector .45 ACP

The Vector .45 ACP is a great close-range option in XDefiant, with a crazy fire rate and decent damage. The weapon fails to perform out of close range, which holds it back from being the best SMG in the game.

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4. RPK-74 – Best LMG in XDefiant

The best LMG in XDefiant is the RPK-74. This weapon is like an upgraded version of the AK-47, with great firepower and an abundance of ammo in the base magazine.

3. MP7 – Best SMG in XDefiant

The best SMG in XDefiant is the MP7, with a great fire rate, as well as damage, and control, the MP7 is great for players who like to rush around the map and outplay enemies with mobility and speed.

2. ACR 6.8

In second place is the ACR 6.8, which is a reliable Assault rifle with great recoil control and range. It’s arguably the best AR for range, but it gets beaten by the number one weapon when it comes to mobility and accuracy.

1. M4A1 – Best gun in XDefiant

The M4A1 is XDefiant’s best weapon in the closed beta.

The M4A1 is by far the best weapon in XDefiant, as it stands as the most well-rounded Assault Rifle in the game, with next to no weaknesses. This weapon is versatile, as it can perform well at all ranges, and it can be built to perform with whatever playstyle works for you, whether that’s run and gun or a patient style.

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