Best MP5A2 class build in XDefiant

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant MP5A2 SMG

The MP5A2 is a compact SMG that boasts a high rate of fire and with the right loadout, it can be tailored to dominate close to mid-range encounters on all the maps in XDefiant.

XDefiant offers a ton of weapons for players to try out in its Preseason, alongside Ubisoft-themed Factions. Among them is the speedy MP5A2 SMG.

Here’s the best MP5A2 class for XDefiant, including all the attachments you need to equip.

    Best XDefiant MP5A2 build attachments

    • Barrel: Lightweight
    • Front Rail: Superlight
    • Magazine: Quick Mag
    • Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip
    • Stock: Padded

    To build the best XDefiant MP5A2 loadout, we picked the Lightweight Barrel and Superlight Front Rail combo to boost the SMG’s movement and ADS speeds allowing you to navigate maps quickly and excel at close-range combat.

    Then, we’ve equipped the Lightweight Grip and Padded Stock combo for extra recoil control and ADS stability, flinch resistance, and walking speed. Lastly, the Quick Mag will keep the momentum going, offering a bit more ammo capacity and increased reload speed.

    best MP5A2 loadout attachments
    The classic MP5A2 is great for short to mid-distance combat.

    Best Secondary & Equipment for MP5A2 class

    Considering that XDefiant’s best MP5A2 build focuses on mobility and accuracy, the Secondary that you should choose with this is the 686 Magnum. Although the gun has a slow rate of fire, it is one of the hardest hitters in its class.

    As for the Equipment, since you’ll be looking to rush your enemies, it’s best to go with the Frag Grenade, because it will help you clear and retake areas better.

    Best Faction for MP5A2 class

    The best Faction to use the MP5A2 in XDefiant is Cleaners with the Fire Bomb ability. This SMG excels in close-range combat, so shooting while sliding after activating the ability is an interesting combo that will eliminate any nearby enemy.

    Cleaners Ability Tree XDefiant
    Cleaners are specialized in fighting with fire and explosives.

    How to unlock MP5A2 in XDefiant

    The MP5A2 is unlocked right from the start in XDefiant, so you won’t need to complete any challenges to get it. However, you’ll be required to level up the weapon in order to access all of its attachments.

    Best alternatives to MP5A2 build

    If you’re looking for some MP5A2 alternatives in XDefiant, then you should try other SMGs like the Vector .45 ACP or MP7, which boast an incredibly rapid fire rate and outstanding mobility.

    However, if you’re looking to pick your enemies off from a distance then the TAC-50 is a weapon that you should try. If you’re someone who prefers a well-rounded approach to any gunfight, then pick up an Assault Rifle like the MDR or the AK-47 in XDefiant.