Best TAC-50 class build in XDefiant

Nathan Warby
TAC-50 XDefiant

The TAC-50 is the hardest-hitting Sniper Rifle in XDefiant, so here’s the best build complete with the meta loadout attachments, the perfect Faction to pair it with, and how you can unlock it.

When it comes to the best weapons in XDefiant, most players will go for the ever-reliable Assault Rifles or SMGs. However, a Sniper Rifle like the TAC-50 boasting the highest damage of its weapon class, is a perfect pick for your loadout to take over the long-range early meta.

Before you start picking off enemies, here’s the best TAC-50 class in XDefiant, including all the meta loadout attachments.

Best XDefiant TAC-50 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster
  • Barrel: Lightweight
  • Optic: Sniper Scope
  • Magazine: Ex Mag
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw

The best TAC-50 build in XDefiant focuses on its mobility, while still ensuring it’s powerful enough to one-shot kill. With this in mind, we’re kicking off with the Lightweight Barrel, which offers a nice buff to the ADS speed to make the Sniper feel snappy.

When it comes to the Optic, the default Sniper Scope should do the job, as it’s extremely accurate but doesn’t come with too many penalties. The Quick Draw Grip is also a must-pick, as it improves the ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds to let you react quickly when an enemy appears.

The Muzzle Booster will grant you an additional fire rate to quickly pick up enemies from afar. Finally, the magazines are fairly small, so the Ex Mag is essential for boosting the amount of bullets available.

While using this TAC-50 loadout, I found that it strikes the perfect balance between hitting hard, but also feeling much more nimble and forgiving to use compared to the base version.

Best XDefiant TAC-50 build attachments
The TAC-50 is XDefiant’s most powerful Sniper.

Best secondary & equipment for TAC-50 class in XDefiant

Since the TAC-50 is a hard-hitting rifle in XDefiant, you’ll need a fast Secondary Weapon in your build, and the best pick is the 93R. The three-shot burst handgun is perfect for close-quarters combat when sniping becomes impractical due to enemies closing in on you.

When it comes to equipment, the selection largely depends on personal preference. However, we recommend using Proximity Mines, as these can be strategically placed around your location to prevent enemies from catching you off guard.

Best Faction for TAC-50 class in XDefiant

The best Faction to use with the TAC-50 class in XDefiant is the Phantoms Faction, specifically with the Mag Barrier ability. This lets you put down a temporary shield to snipe through, giving you time to lineup shots without the fear of being picked off.

Alternatively, Echelon is also a solid choice, as the Digital Ghillie Suit can turn you invisible while you scope out targets, and the Low Profile passive keeps you hidden from the minimap.

Phantoms fighter in XDefiant
Phantoms are great if you need extra coverage.

How to unlock TAC-50 in XDefiant

To unlock the TAC-50 in XDefiant by getting 10 one-shot kills with Sniper Rifles. This shouldn’t take too long to complete, as Snipers take just one bullet to kill with a well-placed shot to either the head or upper chest in most circumstances.

Best alternatives to TAC-50 build in XDefiant

The M44 is the perfect alternative to the TAC-50 in XDefiant, mostly because it’s a more lightweight option that’s great for quickscoping, but also because it’s the only other Sniper available. If these aren’t cutting it, you could go for a long-range LMG like the M249.

Now that you’re all set with the best TAC-50 loadout in XDefiant, it’s important to make sure your settings are on point. So, here are the ideal PC, controller, and audio settings to run.