Best M60 class build in XDefiant

Franco Diaz
XDefiant M60 loadout

LMGs like the M60 in XDefiant aren’t typically must-use weapons, but with the correct attachments, they can become highly effective situational options. Check out the best loadout for the M60 in XDefiant.

XDefiant features an interesting arsenal of weapons that players can modify with the best attachments to gain an edge in the game. While LMGs aren’t top-tier weapons, guns like the M60 perform well in certain game modes and maps.

Check out the best M60 loadout in XDefiant, including build, attachments, and best secondary combo for this weapon class.

Best XDefiant M60 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster – Unlocked at Level 14
  • Barrel: Rapid Fire – Unlocked at Level 41
  • Front Rail: Vertical Grip – Unlocked at Level 15
  • Rear Grip: Lightweight – Unlocked at Level 31
  • Magazine: Fast Mag – Unlocked at Level 42

In this XDefiant M60 loadout, we’ve enhanced the fire rate using the Muzzle Booster and the Rapid Fire barrel. These two attachments significantly increase the fire rate at the expense of recoil.

However, the weapon won’t be completely uncontrollable because the Vertical Grip on the front rail and the Lightweight rear grip provide better vertical control and a substantial boost in recoil recovery when you stop firing.

More control means you can focus on multiple targets efficiently. This has helped me deal with groups of enemies, pinning them down when they are attempting a Zone takeover, or during Escort missions, to clear them out from the target zone.

Finally, we chose the Fast Mag option. While it doesn’t give extra rounds, it significantly helps with reloading the weapon. If you want to speed up the M60’s tremendously slow reload animation, this is your best choice.

With these attachments, you’ll notice a significant improvement in the fire rate of the M60. Additionally, emptying the magazine won’t be much of a problem, as the 40% reduction in reload time provided by the Fast Mag solves this.

Best M60 build XDefiant
The M60 is a great option to use in XDefiant’s Escort game mode.

Best secondary & equipment for M60 class in XDefiant

The best secondary weapon for the M60 class in XDefiant is the 686 Magnum and the best equipment to pair with this LMG is the Flashbang Grenade.

The Flashbang Grenade will be optimal to initiate a full assault with the M60, blinding enemy player groups and allowing you to take them down with incredible speed.

The 686 Magnum is a great choice since this Handgun has great range and damage, and can help you deal with backline opponents when your M60 has cleared enough frontline enemies.

Best Faction for M60 class in XDefiant

The best Faction for the M60 class in XDefiant is Phantoms with the Mag Barrier ability. This allows you to stand behind the shield and eliminate the enemy team while protecting yourself from their damage.

Another good option is the Cleaners. With their Incendiary Rounds passive ability, you can inflict additional damage with the M60.

How to unlock M60 in XDefiant

To unlock the M60 in XDefiant, players need to deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment with LMGs. This will allow you to unlock the M60 and customize it to your liking.

Keep in mind that to unlock the attachments you need for this M60 build, you still need to level up this weapon. If you are struggling to reach the required level for your weapon class, here’s a fast leveling guide for you.

Best XDefiant alternatives to M60 build

Finally, if you’re not convinced by the performance of the M60, you can opt for the M249 class build in XDefiant, which has less damage but better mobility. Another LMG option is the RPK-74, which has a much smaller magazine, offers the best recoil control among the LMGs.

That’s everything you need to know about the M60, including its best loadout, how to unlock it, and the best Faction to use this powerful M60. Keep in mind that to unlock all the attachments for this weapon, you’ll need to use it in matches and get as many kills as possible.

Pair this best loadout with knowledge of all XDefiant’s game modes, or perhaps you’re more interested in future Factions coming to the game.

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