Best M1911 class build in XDefiant

Lucas Simons
Best M1911 XDefiant build

The M1911 is a standard Handgun that you can use as a Secondary weapon in XDefiant. With the best M1911 loadout, you can make the most out of its great control and precision.

In XDefiant, guns like the M1911 can be carried alongside your Primary weapon to save you when you run out of bullets during a fight. This Handgun has several great attachments, and knowing which ones are primed for certain builds and Factions can help you survive every game mode.

Here’s the best class for the M1911 in XDefiant, including attachments, how to unlock it, and more.

Best XDefiant M1911 build attachments

  • Muzzle: Barrel Extender – Unlocked at Level 11
  • Optic: Red Dot Sight – Unlocked at Level 10
  • Rear Grip: Lightweight Grip – Unlocked at Level 16
  • Magazine: Fast Mag – Unlocked at Level 19

The best M1911 XDefiant build relies heavily on precision, and the Barrel Extender is the key to improving this weapon’s shortcomings by offering a boost to its range. The weapon will still mostly be used in close quarters, but the Barrel Extender is a worthwhile pick.

The ideal Optic for this loadout is the Red Dot Sight, a Handgun Optic capable of precision targeting that will allow you to match most mid-range weapons. You won’t believe how good this Secondary weapon can be at landing headshots until you try.

Finally, equipping the M1911 with a Fast Mag increases its reload speed by 40% and will ensure you never run out of ammo in a critical moment. The Lightweight Grip will also grant you recoil recovery and movement speed as you aim, which is great for targeting on the move.

M1911 best loadouts XDefiant
The M911 loadout doesn’t benefit much from recoil control, thus making the Muzzle Brake a poor choice.

Best Primary & Equipment for M1911 class in XDefiant

The best Primary weapon to pair with this M1911 class in XDefiant is the AA-12 and if you include the EMP Grenade into the mix, you’ll get a killer combo.

The AA-12 is a great automatic Shotgun, ideal for short-range exchanges. The M1911 can greatly compensate for the Primary weapon’s shortcomings, so they make a great duo.

Then, the EMP Grenade can help you deal with Mag Barriers, the primary counter for mid-range Handguns and Shotguns.

Best Faction for M1911 class in XDefiant

The best XDefiant Faction for the M1911 is the Cleaners. With their powerful area damage and crowd control kit, these characters pair well with the M1911’s quickness and power.

Other great Faction choices include DedSec since it’s a support Faction that relies heavily on keeping its distance against opponents.

How to unlock M1911 in XDefiant

To unlock the M1911 in XDefiant, players need to complete a challenge that involves killing 4 opponents with a Secondary weapon from close range (less than 4m).

Completing this challenge will automatically unlock the M1911, but you will still need to level it up to unlock its attachments. So we recommend taking part in any active Double Weapon XP events.

Best XDefiant alternatives to M1911 build

Other great choices instead of the M1911 in XDefiant are the M9 and the 686 Magnum.

The M9 has a more stealthy approach and a decent range to recoil ratio. Meanwhile, the 686 Magnum has the highest effective range of all the Secondary weapons in the game.

That was the best build for the M1911 in XDefiant. Don’t forget to keep track of the current meta, including the best Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and other weapons available in the game.