All XDefiant Factions & abilities: The Division, Far Cry, Splinter Cell, more

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XDefiant offers players different playstyles through the game’s Factions, with each providing unique abilities. Here are all of the Factions available in XDefiant and their abilities explained.

Ubisoft’s new colorful arena shooter, XDefiant, may not have a release date yet, but it’s sure kicking up a storm with its open beta, which has allowed more players than ever to get a taste of the future free-to-play FPS.

One of the most unique aspects of XDefiant is the Factions, which take inspiration from other Ubisoft games like Far Cry, Splinter Cell, and The Division. These Factions provide players with unique abilities that alter the way you play.

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For those interested in all of the XDefiant’s Factions, here’s a full guide to them, and the Ubisoft game they are associated with.

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Every XDefiant Faction & influence

There are five XDefiant Factions in total, with the devs confirming that more are coming in the year one roadmap. Here are all of them and the Ubisoft game that they take inspiration from:

  • Cleaners: Pyro Technicians (The Division)
  • DedSec: Cyber Attackers (Watch Dogs)
  • Echelon: Super Spies (Splinter Cell)
  • Libertad: Freedom Fighters (Far Cry)
  • Phantoms: Future Soldiers (Ghost Recon)

Each of the XDefiant Factions takes inspiration from a popular Ubisoft game and their abilities and playstyle mirror that as well. For example, the Splinter Cell Echelon Super Spies pertain to a more sneaky playstyle, while The Division’s Cleaners wreak havoc on the battlefield with fire.

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Tom Clancy's XDefiantUbisoft
XDefiant’s Factions and characters are all influenced by another Ubisoft game, as well as their abilities.

All XDefiant Faction abilities

For a breakdown of all the XDefiant Faction’s abilities, check out the chart below:

FactionsActive Abilities Passive AbilitiesUltra Abilities
CleanersIncinerator Drone:
Deploy a mechanical drone that deals burn damage.

A throwable which lights the ground on fire for five seconds.
Incendiary Rounds:

Bullets deal burn damage to enemies on hit but have less damage range.
The Purifier:

A flamethrower which is given to the player for a short amount of time.
Hack enemy-deployed abilities to turn them friendly.


A bot that is thrown and can attach itself to an enemy’s face, shocking them.
3D print your abilities to get them faster.
Hack your enemies by preventing them from using any of their abilities.
EchelonDigital Ghille Suit:
Makes the player temporarily invisible, shooting or getting shot removes the ability.

Intel Suit:

Allows the player to scan in a short range to reveal enemy positions.
Low Profile:
Allows the player to see enemy movements on the minimap, while Echelon members are hidden on the minimap.
Sonar Goggles:
Goggles that allow the player to see the outline of enemies, even through walls. Also equips players with Sam Fisher’s Five-Seven pistol, which deals 100 damage per hit.
LibertadBioVida Boost:
An ability that heals the player and gives them 20 extra health.

El Remedio:

A health kit that drops on the floor for group healing.
Regenerative Health:
Members of the Libertad and their teammates regenerate health faster.
El Remedio:
Boosts the player’s health to 200, while also giving them super regeneration for a short period.
PhantomsMag Barrier:
A barrier that protects players from incoming damage, while allowing them to shoot through it.

Blitz Shield:

A bulletproof shield that protects the players from incoming damage, also equipped with an electro-scatter gun.
Base health is increased to 120.
A plasma shield that protects the player from all angles. This 360-degree shield also provides them with an electro-scatter gun.

Well, there you have it, that’s all of the Factions and their abilities in XDefiant. For more, stay tuned on CharlieIntel, and check out some of our other guides below:

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