XDefiant SMG with “overpowered” TTK dominates close-range meta

Souhardya Choudhury
XDefiant M60

For those looking to dominate close to mid-range fights in XDefiant, this SMG is the ideal choice due to its amazing damage and stability and some of the game’s most well-rounded stats.

XDefiant has a massive arsenal of guns but not all of them are powerful in the meta. When it comes to close-range in Preseason, one SMG is grabbing all headlines, standing about fan-favorite options like the MP7 and Vector .45 ACP.

The P90 has been quite the handy SMG for many players as its great damage output, combined with an extremely quick fire rate of 830 RPM has been one of the best options for those who prefer getting rid of enemies in close-quarters fights.

Our best P90 loadout is by far one of the top options for rapid TTK, as we can improve its ADS speed by 10% by using the Superlight Grip front rail along with maximizing flinch control with the help of the Padded Stock in XDefiant.

P90 in XDefiant
The P90 in XDefiant is a great option for a fast SMG.

Additionally, we have improved the overall speed even more by using the Quick Draw grip alongside the Quick Mag. So it’s a solid option for players who like to clean up enemies as fast as possible with utmost precision, taking advantage of the high fire rate and impressive agility.

Even YouTubers like RaidAway have sung the praises of the P90, claiming it’s one of the best weapons in XDefiant.

According to RaidAway, the P90 is one of the “top five most overpowered” guns in the game and he even flaunted its impressive performance during matches. However, he also advised to try to be limited to “mostly closed-quarters and medium-ranged” combat with this loadout.

Although the P90 is not as popular as other guns like the ACR 6.8 and AK-47 in XDefiant, this weapon will surely take you a long way during matches if it suits your playstyle.