Pokemon Go’s highest CP catch is “useless” in battles

Niladri Sarkar
ash ketchum and pikachu with the pokemon go logo

A fan-favorite catch in Pokemon Go boasts some of the best stats in the entire game but is held back by a major issue. Players unaware of this are maxing it out, only to be disappointed and shocked.

The Pokemon in question is the popular Slaking, which has the highest CP among non-Mega species. While it goes over a whopping 5000 CP and has 290 Attack, it hardly does any damage due to its terrible moveset.

Fans shared these details after a player maxed out their perfect IV Slaking and posted it on Reddit.

A person commented: “Just shocked at how some people waste precious dust on useless Mons. D*mn no way would I plow dust into anything as pointless as Slaking.”

Others even went on to say that the OP ruined their top CP slot by using their resources on Slaking, as trainers usually reserve that spot for Legendaries like Mewtwo, Groudon, and Kyogre.

You should know that the reason behind Slaking’s nerf in Pokemon Go is its ability in the mainline games, Truant, which makes it incapable of attacking every second turn. This severely prevents Slaking from creating any impact as it’s a sitting duck for opponents.

It only learns one Fast Move called Yawn that does zero damage. This leaves this Normal type dependent on its Charged Moves that can easily be shielded in the Go Battle League. It can defend itself against the powerful Giratina Origin at best due to resistance to Ghost-type attacks, but it wouldn’t be able to fetch you a win.

Ultimately, many brushed off the OP’s catch by saying that it would have been of some value if it was at least shiny or wore a Visor, which was available in June’s Slumbering Sands event.

While Slaking is not viable, you can get other high CP Pokemon for the Master League like Garchomp, Dragonite, and Metagross.

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