What is the highest CP in Pokemon Go? Top 10 Pokemon based on CP

Aakrit Sharma
Slaking and Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

CP is usually the easiest way to evaluate combat abilities in Pokemon Go. From Mega Rayquaza and Primal Groudon to Slaking and Mewtwo, these are the best picks in Pokemon Go based on CP.

CP is easily one of the most important mechanics in Pokemon Go. It is the eligibility criteria for participation in the Go Battle League and even when deciding teams for Raids and Gym Battles, picking the Pokemon with the highest CP (and type advantages, of course) is recommended.

From spending Stardust to Mega Evolutions, there are plenty of ways to increase the CP of your mons, and if you’re curious about their maximum potential, here’s a list of the Pokemon with the highest CP in Pokemon Go.

What is the highest CP in Pokemon Go?

The highest attainable CP in Pokemon Go is 6672 and you can achieve this by turning Groudon and Kyogre into Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre through Primal Reversion. However, like mega evolutions, Primal Reversions are temporary in the game and when removed, the highest attainable CP is 5010 which belongs to Slaking.

pokemon go highest cp species primal kyogre and primal groudon promo image
Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon are the strongest Water and Ground-types in Pokemon Go.

Top 10 Pokemon with the highest CP in Pokemon Go

Since mega-evolutions are temporary and not everyone can afford to mega-evolve Legendary Pokemon, we’ve compiled two separate lists for the Pokemon with the highest CP in Pokemon.

The first list will only include mega-evolved Pokemon while the other will reveal the highest base CP in the game.

Mega-evolution Pokemon with the highest CP in Pokemon Go

These are the strongest mega-evolved Pokemon in Pokemon Go based on CP:

  1. Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre – 6672 CP
  2. Mega Rayquaza – 6458 CP
  3. Mega Garchomp – 6132 CP
  4. Mega Tyranitar – 6045 CP
  5. Mega Salamence – 5688 CP
  6. Mega Latios – 5661 CP
  7. Mega Latias – 5428 CP
  8. Mega Gyarados – 5332 CP
  9. Mega Gardevoir – 5101 CP
  10. Mega Charizard Y – 5037 CP
pokemon go mega rayquaza promo image
Mega Rayquaza is the strongest Dragon as well as Flying type in Pokemon Go.

Highest CP in Pokemon Go: No mega-evolutions

If we take mega-evolutions out of the picture, these Pokemon have the highest maximum CP in Pokemon Go:

  1. Slaking – 5010
  2. Regigigas – 4913
  3. Mewtwo – 4724
  4. Groudon and Kyogre – 4652
  5. Dialga Origin and Palkia Origin – 4624
  6. Dialga, Reshiram, and Zekrom – 4565
  7. Hoopa (Unbound) – 4530
  8. Palkia – 4512
  9. Garchomp – 4479
  10. Xurkitree – 4451

Performing mega evolutions and catching Legendary Pokemon is a must if you want to attain the highest CP in Pokemon Go. The only exception to this is Slaking who has a staggering 5,010 max CP despite being a non-Legendary creature and having no mega-evolutions.

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