Pokemon Go players amazed with fan’s “incredible” first Shundo

Lucas Simons
Raikou in the Pokemon Anime

Trainers facing the Shadow Raikou Raids just noticed a player caught the perfect specimen, and what’s even more rare, it was their first shundo ever.

For Pokemon Go players, catching the best and strongest Pokemon is what it means to be a Master. Be it for PvP or for PvE activities, having a powerful specimen at your side is really important, but game-wise, what matters is to have fun.

However, to have it all in a game so dependent on RNG like Pokemon Go, luck is a key factor. And these trainers proved that they had luck to spare when they managed a perfect Shadow shiny Pokemon catch, and showcased it with the rest of the community.

Posted by ‘WarLegends’ in the Pokemon Go subreddit, this incredibly lucky catch drew the attention of the whole community, which is talking about this trainer “being settled” for most of the Water-type, and Flying-type Raids.

The community promptly celebrated this player’s catch by telling him: “Not just a shundo, a shadow shundo. Congrats!!!” And “F****in incredible! A Shashundo.”

A player also mentioned that the OP should name this Pokemon “Lucky Raymond” and other trainers suggested that they should use it for the upcoming Primal Kyogre Raids, though it will have to teach it a second move in order to have it primed for the fight.

And as statistics drawn from PokemonGoHub reveal, Shadow Raikou is certainly one of the best counters to take on the Primal Kyogre Raid.

Unfortunately, the OP revealed that they don’t have enough Raikou Candy to teach it a second Charged Move, as it requires not only 100 thousand Stardust but also, a whopping 100 Raikou Candy per move.

If you are yet to defeat this beast yourself, here’s a full guide with the best counters to beat Shadow Raikou Raid, and here’s this guide to prepare for the upcoming Shadow Entei Raids.

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