This Pokemon Go mistake will cost you Master League wins

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go master league pvp species dialga and lugia

Pokemon Go PvP players looking for wins in the Master League need to steer clear of this common mistake with their Go Battle League picks to avoid losing battles as well as some juicy rewards.

The Master League is the toughest PvP format in Pokemon Go, with no limit on the CP of the Pokemon used, and the best Go Battle League (GBL) platform to run Legendaries.

So, players use tons of in-game resources like Candy XL to power up the strongest Pokemon and dominate these fierce battles for some amazing GBL rewards.

But, many trainers are making a blunder that is costing them several wins in the Master League. This was pointed out in the Reddit post of a user named ‘ThereIsNoGawdHere’ who powered up a shiny Kyogre with 14/15/15 stats for Attack/Defense/HP instead of another with 15/15/14.

The OP asked if they invested in the wrong one, going for the first Kyogre because it was a Lucky Pokemon, requiring lesser Stardust and Candy to power up.

A user commented: “For PvE, doesn’t matter. For Master League, yes you powered up the wrong one.” While both shiny Kyogre are 98 IV, players pointed out that the 15 stat in Attack is a difference maker and is “favored” in many PvP matchups, including the dreaded Dialga.

Another mentioned that 15 Attack is crucial in “mirror” battles, that is, going up against the same Pokemon. The OP’s 14 Attack Kyogre would end up losing the bout, but their 15 Attack version would have tied.

A trainer highlighted another issue with the 14 Attack Pokemon. “For PVP, Kyogre has same attack stat as Groudon and Dialga Origin so a 14 attack one may lose you some matches due to losing CMP,” they explained.

You should note that CMP means Charged Move Priority in Pokemon Go, a PvP mechanic that lets a species with a higher Attack use its Charged Move before the opponent does, often deciding the match’s outcome.

But perhaps the most important, a species with a 15/15/14 spread is a functional 100 IV, as the 14 HP stat rounds up to 15 when maxed out, making it work like a perfect 100 IV species.

So, check out the stats of a species before maxing it out in Pokemon Go, and invest in those with 15 Attack to excel in the Master League.

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