Pokemon Go players warn against “horrible” Gen 2 pick for PvP & Raids

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go pvp players battling in gbl

A popular Gen 2 fan-favorite with a jaw-dropping stat in Pokemon Go may seem great for PvP and Raids, but trainers don’t recommend using it in these battles due to how bad it is.

Unlike mainline games like Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon Go has a very restricted meta since only a few Pokemon are viable in the Go Battle League and Raids.

Those with insanely high stats may seem tempting to include in your team, but players have warned against using a popular pick: Blissey, the Pokemon with the highest HP in the game.

With an astronomical 496 HP stat, Blissey has been used as a premier Gym Defender to fend off even the toughest attacks. But, it is a no-no when it comes to the PvP Leagues or as a Raid counter.

So, when Reddit user ‘OneThousandLeftTurns’ asked whether they should max out their Hundo Blissey or use it in the Ultra League, fellow trainers quickly shared what the OP should do with their prized catch.

A player wrote, “For the love of all things holy, do not use Blissey in PvP unless you’re grinding buddy hearts/excitement. It’s great about surviving, but it’s bad at winning. You will lose pretty often running Blissey, but you will also cost both players a lot of time.”

pokemon go normal-type species blissey
Blissey’s Attack stat is only 129.

You should know that any PvP battle lasts only four minutes, and if you and your opponent do not win within this time, it will be counted as a loss. They further added: “It takes about 5 unshielded Swampert Hydro Cannons to knock out a Blissey in Ultra League.”

Swampert is one of the few picks viable in all three PvP Leagues and such a performance against Blissey speaks volumes about why the match would end up in a losing effort for both combatants.

When OP asked about Blissey in Raids, another replied, “Utterly horrible. Just about no Normal-type Pokemon is ever useful in raids since Normal is never super effective against anything. Blissey takes that and adds a pitiful base attack stat.”

Fans suggested using it solely as a Gym Defender, a role it excels in, and not to bring it anywhere else as it has no offensive potential.

To beat Blissey in Pokemon Go Gyms quickly, you can use powerful Fighting types like Terrakion, Lucario, and Machamp.

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