Pokemon Go: How to check if Galarian Birds have Perfect IVs

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For Pokemon Go players, encountering a Galarian Bird is a rare occasion, more so catching one. But many players are wondering, are they worth using the Master Ball on? Here’s a guide on how to know if the Galarian Bird you find has Perfect IVs or not.

Pokemon trainers are always looking forward to their encounters with the Galarian Birds Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres. However, encountering one of these rare Legendaries doesn’t always mean a perfect catch. They have a really low rate of successful catches, and even so, finding one with the best stats is even harder.

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So this guide will help you know if the Galarian bird you encounter is worth using your Master Ball on or if it will be a low-rated catch.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to know if Galarian Birds have Perfect IVs.

How to know if a Galarian Bird have Perfect IVs

Players can know if a Galarian Bird has Perfect IVs by checking its CP (Combat Power) and verifying with the IV charts exposed below. Keep in mind that this also can become random at some point, and first, you need to make a Galarian bird spawn so you can check their CP.

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To find the Galarian Birds in Pokemon Go, players must use the Daily Adventure Incense and walk for a certain distance before they start appearing. Catching Pokemon with the Incense boost helps to ramp up the chances for the Galarian Birds to appear.

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The Galarian birds first debuted in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Keep in mind that the CP at which a Galarian Bird appears with Perfect IVs can vary during Boosted Weather. Here’s the specific CP each perfect IV Galarian Legendary Bird has during normal and boosted weather:

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How to check if Galarian Articuno has Perfect IVs in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, Galarian Articuno will have the following CP when spawning with Perfect IVs:

Regular Weather 100 IV ArticunoBoosted Weather 100 IV Articuno
159 CP 592 CP
267 CP 701 CP
484 CP 809 CP
592 CP 917 CP
701 CP 1026 CP
3077 CP3334 CP

How to check if Galarian Zapdos has Perfect IVs in Pokemon Go

This is Pokemon Go’s Galarian Zapdos Perfect IV chart for both regular and boosted weather CP:

Regular Weather 100 IV ZapdosBoosted Weather 100 IV Zapdos
157 CP585 CP
264 CP692 CP
371 CP800 CP
478 CP907 CP
585 CP3295 CP
692 CP
3042 CP

How to check if Galarian Moltres has Perfect IVs in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go trainers will know they found a Perfect Galarian Moltres if it spawns with the following CP:

Regular Weather 100 IV MoltresBoosted Weather 100 IV Moltres
236 CP522 CP
331 CP618 CP
427 CP714 CP
522 CP809 CP
618 CP2941 CP
2715 CP

Remember that these Pokemon’s CP are randomly generated values, and trainers need to be extremely careful to check the spawn CP and the weather conditions before they cross-reference with the previous charts.

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And that’s how to know if Galarian Birds have Perfect IVs. For more Pokemon content, you can also check the following links:

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