All Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go: How to catch Legendaries

Legendary Pokemon in a Pokemon Go backgroundNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Legendary Pokemon are the biggest challenge for any Pokemon game and are usually very difficult to capture. However, getting them in Pokemon Go is a whole different story, so here’s everything you need to know about Legendaries and how to catch ’em all in Pokemon Go.

Since the beginning of the Pokemon franchise, Legendary Pokemon have been one of the most exciting challenges for players to tackle. The arrival of Pokemon Go changed that by allowing players to have many of the same Legendary Pokemon, but that didn’t make them easier to get.

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Although there are still many Legendary Pokemon that haven’t made their way into the mobile game, here’s the full list of available Legendaries in Pokemon Go and how to get them.

All Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Below is the full list of Legendary Pokemon that arrived in Pokemon Go:

Legendary PokemonImageRelease dateCan it be shiny?
ArticunoArticuno in Pokemon GoJuly 2017Yes
ZapdosZapdos in Pokemon GoAugust 2017Yes
MoltresMoltres in Pokemon GoJuly 2017Yes
MewtwoMewtwo in Pokemon GoAugust 2017Yes
RaikouRaikou in Pokemon GoAugust 2017Yes
EnteiEntei in Pokemon GoAugust 2017Yes
SuicuneSuicune in Pokemon GoSeptember 2017Yes
LugiaLugia in Pokemon GoJuly 2017Yes
Ho-OhHo-Oh in Pokemon GoNovember 2017Yes
RegirockRegirock on Pokemon GoAugust 2018Yes
RegiceRegice in Pokemon GoJune 2018Yes
RegisteelRegisteel on pokemon goJuly 2018Yes
KyogrePrimal Kyogre in Pokemon GoJanuary 2018Yes
GroudonPrimal Groudon in Pokemon GoDecember 2017Yes
RayquazaRayquaza on Pokemon GoFebruary 2018Yes
LatiosLatios in Pokemon GoApril 2018Yes
LatiasLatias in Pokemon GoApril 2018Yes
UxieUxie in Pokemon GoApril 2019Yes
MespritMesprit in Pokemon GoApril 2019Yes
AzelfAzelf in Pokemon GoApril 2019Yes
DialgaDialga in Pokemon GoMarch 2019Yes
PalkiaPalkia in Pokemon GoJanuary 2019Yes
HeatranHeatran in Pokemon GoDecember 2018Yes
RegigigasRegigigas in Pokemon GoNovember 2019Yes
GiratinaGiratina in Pokemon GoOctober 2018Yes
CresseliaCresselia in Pokemon GoNovember 2018Yes
CobalionCbalion in Pokemon GoNovember 2019Yes
TerrakionTerrakion in Pokemon GoNovember 2018Yes
VirizionVirizion in Pokemon GoDecember 2019Yes
TornadusIncarnate Forme Tornadus in Pokemon GoFebruary 2020Yes
ThundurusIncarnate Forme Thundurus in Pokemon GoMarch 2020Yes
LandorusIncarnate Forme Landorus in Pokemon GoMarch 2020Yes
ReshiramReshiram in Pokemon GoMay 2020Yes
ZekromZekrom in Pokemon GoJune 2020Yes
KyuremKyurem in Pokemon GoJuly 2020Yes
XerneasXerneas in Pokemon GoMay 2021Yes
YveltalYveltal in Pokemon GoMay 2021Yes
Tapu KokoTapu Koko in Pokemon GoMarch 2022No
Tapu LeleTapu Lele on Pokemon goMarch 2022No
Tapu BuluTapu Bulu in Pokemon GoApril 2022No
Tapu FiniTapu Fini in Pokemon GoMay 2022No
CosmogCosmog in Pokemon GoSeptember 2022No
CosmoemCosmoem in Pokemon GoOctober 2022No
SolgaleoSolgaleo in Pokemon GoNovember 2022No
LunalaLunala in Pokemon GoNovember 2022No
ZacianZacian in Pokemon GoAugust 2021No
ZamazentaZamazenta in Pokemon GoAugust 2021No
Galarian ArticunoGalarian Articuno in Pokemon GoJuly 2022No
Galarian ZapdosGalarian Zapdos in Pokemon GoJuly 2022No
Galarian MoltresGalarian Moltres in Pokemon GoJuly 2022No
RegidragoRegidrago in Pokemon GoMarch 2023No
RegielekiRegieleki in Pokemon GoApril 2023No
ZygardeZygarde sprite in Pokemon GoJuly 2023No

Keep in mind that the list doesn’t include Mythical Pokemon, usually obtained through Special or Ticketed Research, or Ultra Beasts, sometimes considered similar to Legendary Pokemon.

How to catch Legendaries in Pokemon Go

The main method to get Legendaries in Pokemon Go is by beating them in 5-Star Raids. These are some of the toughest Raids in the game, and they require groups of 3 to 5 high-level trainers to be completed.

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Once players defeat the Legendary Pokemon in a Raid, they have the chance to catch it with a limited number of Premier Balls. Catch rates for Legendaries are very low, so it’s recommended players use Razz berries and make Great or Excellent Throws to maximize their chances. Do note that shiny legendaries are a guaranteed catch, so you should use Pinap or Silver Pinap Berries to get more Candy.

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The Galarian Birds, however, can only be encountered in the wild by using the Daily Adventure Incense. While the chance of encountering one of these Legendaries is very low, the chance of catching one is even lower, so you’ll need to have Golden Razz berries and Ultra Balls ready.

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Cosmog is another exception to 5-Star Raids. The only way to get one is by completing different Special Research stories. The Cosmic Companion Special Research story is also how you’ll be able to evolve it into either Solgaleo or Lunala. On the other hand, the Starry Skies Special Research story granted players a Cosmog encounter during the Hidden Gems season.

Legendary Pokemon were once part of the Research Breakthrough rewards, but that changed with the introduction of Raids into the game. It is unknown if there will be another way to get them in the future.

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Legendary Pokemon currently available in Pokemon Go (September 2023)

During September 2023, players can get Legendary Pokemon Entei, Suicune, Raikou, and Shadow Zapdos. Additionally, players can face Ultra Beasts Celesteela and Kartana. Be sure to check our Raid schedule for any changes and upcoming debuts. Zygarde also made its debut with Pokemon Go Routes, and players can get it through the From A to Zygarde Special Research.

There’s usually one Legendary Pokemon available at a time, but special events might change that to give players more chances to fill their Pokedex with powerful creatures.

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