All Ghost-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

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Four Ghost-type Pokemon in a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet backgroundThe Pokemon Company

Plenty of Ghost-type Pokemon like Gengar, Dragapult, and Aegislash can be a nightmare to face in battles. You can take them down by observing their type though, so here are all Ghost-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances, and the best counters for them.

Ghost type Pokemon have gradually gained prominence in the community thanks to the introduction of Gholdengo, Annihilape, and Dragapult. From over 1000 unique creatures, only 87 belong to the Ghost type and some of the strongest among these were released with Scarlet & Violet.

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It’s hard to find a lot of pure Ghost-type Pokemon, but they often boast dual typing which also makes it tricky to take them down. On top of that, you can add them to your collection because of their several immunites and unique status effects.

On that note, here’s a list of all Ghost-type Pokemon weaknesses, resistances, strengths, and the best counters for them.

What are Ghost-type Pokemon?

Ghost-type Pokemon have been in the franchise since its beginnings and usually have the creepiest descriptions of the entire Pokedex. While some of them share characteristics with Dark-type Pokemon, they can usually be found only at night in different Pokemon games.

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In addition to being the only Pokemon type with more than one immunity, Ghost-type Pokemon are also immune to being trapped by all trapping moves and Abilities, according to Bulbapedia. Ghost-type attacks are the least resisted type alongside Dragon.

Last but not least, Ghost-type Pokemon have a type-specific status with Curse. That attack, available in every game as a TM, has a different effect when used by any other Pokemon type.

All Ghost-type Pokemon weaknesses

Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company
Ghost-type Pokemon are very hard to catch in Pokemon Go.

Ghost-type Pokemon are weak to Dark and Ghost-type attacks, so make sure the Pokemon you choose for battle belong to those groups. As you can see, Ghost-type Pokemon are weak against other Ghost-type moves, so you should probably rely on Dark-type Pokemon to limit your risk-taking.

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Keep in mind that there are currently less than 20 pure Ghost-type Pokemon. This means most Ghost-types are dual types, so you should acknowledge that when picking counters.

All Ghost-type Pokemon resistances

Ghost-type Pokemon are resistant to Bug and Poison-type attacks, so avoid any Pokemon in that category when facing them.

More importantly, Ghost is the only type with more than one immunity. Pure Ghost-type Pokemon are immune to Fighting and Normal-type attacks, so refrain from using those in battle.

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Best counters for Ghost-type Pokemon

Dark-type Pokemon are arguably the best counters for Ghost-type creatures as they also resist their attacks. Here’s a list of such Pokemon and the ideal moves in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Move
TyranitarBite & Brutal Swing
Hydreigon Bite & Brutal Swing
GholdengoHex & Shadow Ball
Darkrai Snarl & Shadow Ball
YveltalSnarl & Dark Pulse
AbsolSnarl & Dark Pulse

This list should be accessible for most players as it only inlcudes the best non- Legendary, non-Mega, and non- Shadow counters to Ghost-type Pokemon.

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