Best Metagross moveset in Pokemon Go

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Metagross in Pokemon Go

Metagross is one of the most sought-after Pokemon in Pokemon Go due to its brilliant stats. This guide will reveal the best moveset for Metagross and help you win easily in the Go Battle League, Gym Battles, Raids, and other combat challenges.

Metagross is easily one of the most potent attackers in Pokemon Go. It is a Steel and Psychic type Pokemon and the former is often called the strongest type out there.

Having said that, the combat ability of Pokemon in Pokemon Go depends on several factors. These include CP, IVs, and of course, their moveset. Every creature you catch in the open world can learn a wide range of moves but only a handful of them can guarantee great results.

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On that note, here’s the best moveset for Metagross in Pokemon Go.

Shiny Metagross in the Pokemon anime

Most powerful moveset for Metagross in Pokemon Go

Since Metagross belongs to the Steel type, the strongest moveset for it is Bullet Punch as the Fast Move and Meteor Dash as the Charged Move. Both these attacks deal a ton of Steel-type damage and you’ll also get STAB (Same-type-attack-bonus).

Metagross can naturally learn Psychic moves as well but Steel is stronger against Rock, Ice, and Fairy types. Ice and Fairy are the biggest weaknesses of Dragon-type Pokemon and if you want to make a balanced team that can support your dragons, Metagross with Steel-type attacks is an obvious choice.

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For more clarity on types, you can check out our guide on all Pokemon types and their strengths and weaknesses.

All moves that Metagross can learn in Pokemon Go

Apart from Bullet Punch and Meteor Dash, Metagross can learn these moves in Pokemon Go:

Quick Moves

  • Bullet Punch – 12 DPS (Psychic)
  • Zen Headbutt – 13.1 DPS (Steel)

Charge Moves

  • Earthquake – 38.9 DPS (Ground)
  • Flash Cannon – 44.4 DPS (Steel)
  • Psychic – 38.6 DPS (Psychic)
  • Meteor Dash – 46.2 DPS (Steel)
  • Frustration (Shadow) – 5 DPS (Normal)
  • Return (Purified) – 50 DPS (Normal)

If you can unlock a second Charge Move for Metagross, we recommend it to be Earthquake or Psychic. This should help you tackle a bigger range of Pokemon types with the Steel-type beast.

Metagross in the Pokemon anime

Is Metagross good in Pokemon Go? Strengths and weaknesses explained

As a Steel-Psychic type, Metagross is weak against Ghost, Ground, Fire, and Dark-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. However, it can resist damage from Normal, Flying, Rock, Steel, Grass, Ice, Fairy, Poison, Psychic, and Dragon types.

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You get Metagross in the game by evolving Beldum twice. The process will require 125 Beldum candies and to be fair, it is worth the effort.

Steel-type Pokemon already enjoy many type advantages, and Metagross is the best among the best. With the moveset mentioned above, its damage output can be greater than a Legendary Pokemon like Dialga.

Pokemon roaming on a mountain

All in all, Metagross is one of the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Go and we hope you make the most of it with this guide. For more information on such Pokemon, make sure to check out this list of the strongest attackers in Pokemon Go.

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Image Credits: Niantic / The Pokemon Company

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