All new shiny Pokemon in Go Fest 2024 & how to get them

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Pokemon Go fest featured Pokemon in Sendai

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 is coming sooner than you think, so here are all the new shiny Pokemon debuts you should be on the lookout for during the in-person and Global events.

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 was officially announced, and trainers will be able to enjoy many special activities with in-person events in Sendai, Madrid, and New York City before the global celebrations. The biggest Pokemon Go event usually features a debuting Mythical alongside tons of boosted spawns and new Raids, but that’s not all.

Pokemon fans can also try their luck with many debuting shinies that are sought-after. We have made a list of all new shiny Pokemon debuting with Go Fest 2024 and everything you need to know to catch them in the mobile game.

Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global official cover image
Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global will take place on July 13 and July 14.

Pokemon Go Fest 2024: All shiny debuts & how to catch them

Here’s a list of every new shiny Pokemon debuting during the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global and in-person events, alongside details on how to get them:

SpritePokemonHow to get
Shiny Ducklett sprite in Pokemon GoShiny DucklettWill spawn in the wild during the Dawn Meadow Habitat
Shiny Jangmo-o sprite in Pokemon GoShiny Jangmo-oWill spawn in the wild during the Shining Day Habitat
Shiny Emolga sprite in Pokemon GoShiny EmolgaWill spawn in the wild during the Creeping Dusk Habitat
Crabrawler sprite in Pokemon GoShiny CrabrawlerWill spawn in the wild during the Darkest Night Habitat

In addition to these Pokemon, many other species that already appeared in shiny form in Pokemon Go will spawn during the different event-related habitats.

Additionally, trainers expect Niantic to reveal more debuting shinies in the coming weeks. Make sure to bookmark this page, as we’ll update the list as soon as more debuting shinies are confirmed.

That’s everything you need to know about new shinies in Pokemon Go Fest 2024. For more on the mobile game, make sure you check out our other guides below:

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