Pokemon Go players shocked by lucky trainer’s “one in a million” catch

Lucas Simons
Surprised Ash Pokemon the Anime

Trainers are always looking to expand their Pokemon Go collections by adding the rarest and strongest Pokemon out there. And this player just won the lottery with one of the rarest catches in the whole game.

Pokemon Go is rolling out loads of content during this World of Wonders season, and trainers are trying to keep up with the pace. And though many players have found troubling issues recently, others are having a blast with all the new encounters popping around.

So when this trainer encountered one of the rarest shiny Pokemon in the game, he clearly won the lottery. More so, since they managed to secure the catch, and live to tell the tale to other players.

The lucky trainer in question is a Reddit user named ‘STUPID_BERNIE_SANDER,’ who shared his prized catch with the rest of the Pokemon Go community, and stated: “XXL Lvl1 Shiny Snowy Castform – 1/224000 or is my math off?”

Pokemon Go players quickly responded that this specimen was, as a matter of fact, way beyond the OP’s calculations. One of the trainers commenting on the post went as far as to declare that this was a “one in a million catch.”

Another player stated: “Any shiny + XXL or XXS is exceedingly rare. Consider yourself extremely lucky. I only have a few, coincidentally some of them are my favorite Pokemon of all time. Can’t believe how fortunate.”

Certainly, the fact that this is an XXL specimen does add quite a bit of rarity to the catch, not to mention the fact that this is a rare spawn, a shiny at that, and even more so, a Lvl 1 Pokemon.

If you are looking to catch a shiny XXL Pokemon yourself, what about improving your odds by participating in the Bagon Community Day Classic. And here’s all you need to know about the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

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