Simple Pokemon Go Charged Move tips guarantee quick GBL wins

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go battle league charged moves

Using Charged Moves well makes all the difference between winning and losing in the Pokemon Go Battle League, and these expert tricks can help you earn more victories than before.

The Go Battle League (GBL) allows Pokemon Go players to test their PvP skills and grab useful items and rare Pokemon encounters as rewards, helping them improve their Rank and earn bragging rights.

Only the best battlers rise to the top of the leaderboard and if you’re looking to become a top-tier trainer, certain Charged Move tricks are all you need, as revealed in the comments section of a Reddit post by user ‘Used_Mud_67,’ who asked, “What are some random charge move facts you didn’t know?”

The OP said that Quagsire’s Aqua Tail has the highest damage per energy (Damage Per Energy) in neutral situations, making it a welcome alternative to the powerful but high energy cost move, Earthquake.

Other GBL veterans shared useful Charged Move tidbits from their own experience.

A fan stated that Alolan Ninetales gets the same damage per energy value from either the now-nerfed Weather Ball or Dazzling Gleam, so when shields are down, you can use any of them. Earlier, two Weather Ball attacks were more efficient than one Dazzling Gleam.

This would certainly make Alolan Ninetales more dangerous against Dragon types. Speaking of Dragons, another player added a surprising fact about the iconic Charizard: “Blast burn deals more damage per energy than Dragon Claw even if Fire is single resisted and Dragon is neutral.”

While Alolan Ninetales and Charizard help you more in the Ultra League, a player laid out some details that can turn the tables in the Great League, the most competitive GBL format of Pokemon Go.

They commented: “Serperior had a better DPE with Frenzy Plant than Aerial Ace against Medicham or Annihilape. And Typhlosion has a better DPE with Blast Burn on Pidgeot than with super effective Thunder Punch, and a resisted Blast Burn will have a better DPE than a neutral TP against Skeledirge.”

Another fan-favorite species that can excel in PvP despite its low bulk is Greninja, which can have two Hydro Cannon attacks ready before the opponent gets one. Players suggested adding Night Slash as the second Charged Move as it’s faster and has a 12.5% to boost Attack by 1.5x.

Be sure to use these tips in the Master League as well, focusing on energy values rather than only damage, and check out the best Elite Charged TMs to make them stronger in any Pokemon Go battle.