Don’t waste your Pokemon Go Master Balls on Galarian Birds

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go player using master ball on galarian birds

The Galarian Birds are the go-to Pokemon Go picks for using the Master Ball but it’s time players realize they can stop wasting the best Poke Ball on these three Legendaries.

The Master Ball is one of the most prized assets in Pokemon Go and most players use it to catch the rare Galarian Birds, which have a mere 0.3% catch rate and a 90% chance to flee. But, is it truly worth using this unique Poke Ball for these three Pokemon?

The only reason these Legendaries are so special in the mobile game is their extreme rarity. The Daily Adventure Incense is the only way to find them, and yet, many trainers took days or months to encounter even one Galarian Bird. In fact, some are yet to find even one.

While the Master Ball gives you a foolproof way to catch them, they just end up being Pokedex fillers. None of them have commendable stats or moveset for PvP battles in any of the Go Battle League formats.

They are usable to a degree in Raids, but you will always find better options than them. After all, you’re running against a timer in these bouts, and the sooner you complete the Raid, the better the rewards, especially the amount of Mega or Primal Energy.

Having battled in thousands of Raids, it’s always a good idea to use the Master Ball on a perfect Legendary (shiny or not) when you’re on the last Ball. Be it Rayquaza, the Origin formes of Dialga and Palkia, Mewtwo, the upcoming Gen 7 Legendaries in Go Fest 2024, or literally just your favorite Pokemon. It all boils down to those species that offer you value or dominance in PvP and PvE.

Obviously, if you find a 100 IV Galarian Bird, a Master Ball does sound worthwhile. That said, a Shundo (shiny + 100 IV) is ultimately the icing on the cake, and with the shiny versions of these Legendaries yet to debut in the game, it’s better to save your Master Ball(s) for that shiny hunting grind.

Players wonder which Pokemon the Master Ball should be used on

Reddit user ‘JeepGuy421’ posted about not using their Master Ball on a Galarian Zapdos spawn and of course, they lost it. But, fellow trainers were quick to remind the OP that it’s totally fine and shared some better picks for the best Poke Ball.

While some argued that the rare 3101 CP encounter was worth it, they were curious about what else was qualified enough to call for a Master Ball. To this, a player wrote:

“I’m saving my masterballs for something special. I don’t know what that is yet, but I suspect it’s something yet to be released. I’m not using them on the birds because a) the IV gamble isn’t worth it and b) they’re not great trophies IMO.”

Another stated, “I’ll just keep it for some really good legendary like Rayquaza or maybe Arceus in the future” as more chimed in that they would go ahead with a 100% Legendary or one of the Birds when their shiny gets released.

So, the next time you come across a Galarian Bird in Pokemon Go, don’t stress over using the Master Ball if you aren’t eager! Save it for an amazing Hundo or Shundo, or when the shiny versions of these three Legendaries are available.