How to get Master Ball in Pokemon Go: What should you use it for?

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The Master Ball in Pokemon GoNiantic

It is safe to say that the Master Ball is one of the most valuable, rare, and useful items in any Pokemon game. Using it in the best way possible is important, and here’s everything to know about the Master Ball in Pokemon Go, including how to get it and the best Pokemon to use it on.

The Master Ball is easily one of the most popular items in the history of the Pokemon franchise. It is the only Poke Ball that can catch Pokemon without fail, and getting your hands on it has always been tough in the mainline games.

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The Master Ball has finally arrived in Pokemon Go as well. Players who missed the first chance in 2023 have another opportunity to add a Master Ball to their inventory and naturally, choosing the right Pokemon to use it on is a tough decision.

Here’s everything to know about the Master Ball in Pokemon Go, including its uses and how to get it.

What is the Master Ball in Pokemon Go?

The Master Ball in Pokemon Go is the ultimate Poke Ball trainers can use since it’s guaranteed to catch any Pokemon without fail. In mainline games, players get the Master Ball after completing the main story, and many fans use it to catch powerful and elusive Legendary Pokemon.

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It’s also worth noting that players can’t miss a Master Ball throw, so you have nothing to worry about when you finally decide to use it.

master ball pokemon go promo imageNiantic
The Master Ball has been available in Pokemon Go on multiple occasions.

Since Legendary Pokemon are featured in Raids and Mythicals are part of Special Research and events with a guaranteed catch, it’s hard to tell how Pokemon Go players will use the Master Ball.

How to get the Master Ball in Pokemon Go

You can get the Master Ball by participating in the Special Research: Master Ball during the Party Up! event. Niantic have provided players with another chance, since the Timed Investigation: Master Ball Research ended on November 21.

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From November 22 to November 27, those who haven’t completed the Timed Investigation will get the chance to buy a new Special Research for $7.99 and get another chance at the Master Ball.

Galarian Legendary Birds in PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Most players are looking forward to finally capturing the Galarian Bird trio in Pokemon Go.

Best Pokemon for Master Ball in Pokemon Go

The safest bet right now is to use the Master Ball in Pokemon Go on the Legendary Galarian Birds. Galarian Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres only appear occasionally when players use the Daily Adventure Incense. Moreover, they have one of the highest flee rates paired with an extremely low catch rate, making them almost impossible to get.

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Considering mainline games, many Pokemon Go players feel like they should reserve the Master Ball for powerful Legendary Pokemon. However, Pokemon Go allows players to get many Legendries and Mythical Pokemon from Raids, events, and Special Research, so it doesn’t feel like the best use for it.

You can also use the Master Ball on a Legendary Pokemon you want, but we recommend leaving it as a last resort for when all your Premier Balls fail. Keep in mind that shiny Legendries have a 100% catch rate, so all you have to do is land a throw with any ball.

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Of course, you can use the Master Ball on any Pokemon you like. Niantic already mentioned there will be other opportunities for players to get more Master Balls in the future, so it won’t be as rare as in mainline games.

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