Pokemon Go: February 2024 Raid schedule for Mega, 5-star, Shadow, more

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Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Go RaidsNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Through Raids, Pokemon Go players can capture some of the best species in the game, including Legendaries and Mega Evolutions. So, here’s the complete schedule of the Mega, 5-Star, Shadow, 3-Star, and 1-Star Raids in Pokemon Go throughout February 2024, so you can catch ’em all.

Every month, Pokemon Go players can battle in challenging Raids to catch some of the strongest Pokemon in the mobile game.

With Mega evolutions, Legendaries, and Shadow species available from Raids, you can dominate the most challenging PvP and PvE battles, so you must be excited to find out all that February has to offer.

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We’ve got you covered, as here is the complete Pokemon Go February 2024 Raid schedule.

Pokemon Go Mega Raids in February 2024

mega latias in pokemon goMega LatiasJanuary 31 – February 15
mega latios in pokemon goMega LatiosJanuary 31 – February 15
Mega Absol sprite in Pokemon GoMega AbsolFebruary 15 – February 22
Mega Garchomp sprite in Pokemon GoMega GarchompFebruary 22 – March 1

To easily beat these Mega Raids, Pokemon Go recommends parties of five high-level players. Of course, having strong Pokemon with effective attacks is the key to beating the timer and can let you win the battle with even fewer trainers.

Pokemon Go Shadow Raids in February 2024

You can battle powerful Shadow Pokemon with special game mechanics and items. You should note that Shadow Raids are available alongside regular Raids in Pokemon Go.

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Here is the Pokemon Go Shadow Raid boss for February:

SpriteShadow PokemonDifficulty
Cubone sprite in Pokemon GoCubone1-Star
Machop sprite in Pokemon GoMachop1-Star
Teddiursa sprite in Pokemon GoTeddiursa1-Star
Trapinch sprite in Pokemon GoTrapinch1-Star
Houndour sprite in Pokemon GoHoundour3-Star
Porygon sprite in Pokemon GoPorygon3-Star
Sableye sprite in Pokemon GoSableye3-Star
Articuno in Pokemon GoArticuno5-Star

It’s also worth noting that 5-Star Shadow Raids are only active in Pokemon Go on weekends. That’s when you’ll find more Team Go Rocket Grunts in PokeStops as well. Players can expect these Raids to be more challenging than usual, so it’s recommended to tackle them with a group of five or more trainers to be sure. Shadow Raids can only be done locally, so keep that in mind.

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Pokemon Go Elite Raids in February 2024

Elite Raids in Pokemon Go are the toughest challenge trainers can face, and they’re back in February 2024, featuring Enamorus Incarnate. These limited-time Raids can only be done locally and require between 10 and 15 high-level players to be completed successfully.

If you need any help preparing, check our full guide on how to defeat the Pokemon Go Enamorus Elite Raid.

Pokemon Go 5-Star Raid Bosses in February 2024

Darkrai sprite in Pokemon GoDarkraiFebruary 15 – February 20
Cresselia in Pokemon GoCresseliaFebruary 20 – February 21
February 26 – March 1
Uxie in Pokemon GoUxieFebruary 21 – February 22
Mesprit in Pokemon GoMespritFebruary 21 – February 22
(Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India)
Azelf in Pokemon GoAzelfFebruary 21 – February 22
(Americas and Greenland)
Heatran in Pokemon GoHeatranFebruary 22 – February 23
February 26 – March 1
Giratina Origin Forme sprite in Pokemon GoOrigin Forme GiratinaFebruary 23 – February 26
Dialga in Pokemon GoDialga / Origin Forme DialgaFebruary 24 – February 25
Palkia in Pokemon GoPalkia / Origin Forme PalkiaFebruary 24 – February 25

Pokemon Go 5-Star Raids feature the most powerful species in the game, as they often feature Legendary Pokemon and are very tough to beat. The recommended number of trainers varies from four to up to ten players between levels 40 and 50.

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Pokemon Go 3-Star Raid Bosses in February 2024


One high-level trainer can challenge 3-Star Raids in Pokemon Go alone, but you’ll be battling against the clock. If you play your cards right and use type advantages, you should be able to clear them before time runs out.

Pokemon Go 1-Star Raid Bosses in February 2024


Pokemon Go 1-Star Raids are the easiest challenges and can be done by one trainer alone, so keep that in mind when checking the current rotation.

Also, it’s important to note that most in-game events override the Raid bosses, so make sure you check this article often to stay up to date.

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What are Pokemon Go Raid Hours?

Pokemon Go Raid Hours are hosted once a week and allow players to battle and catch the current 5-Star Raid Pokemon. That means all Gyms with active Raids will feature that Legendary Pokemon. Raid Hours take place between 6 PM and 7 PM local time in Pokemon Go.

Here are the upcoming Raid Hours in Pokemon Go:

You should note that Raid Hours occur take 6 PM to 7 PM local time in Pokemon Go. Ensure you have enough Raid Passes and Remote Raid Passes to take full advantage of Raid Hours every week.

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That’s all you need to know about Raid Battles in February 2024. For more Pokemon Go content, be sure to check out our other guides:

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