Pokemon Go players convinced Galarian Birds have been missing for months

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go legendaries galarian articuno, zapdos, and moltres

The Galarian Birds are some of the most sought-after species in Pokemon Go but players believe they’ve made a concerning observation about these iconic Legendaries.

Most Legendaries in Pokemon Go can be caught by beating 5-Star Raids and some also appear as wild spawns like the Lake Guardians and the Galarian Birds.

The Bird trio is extremely rare and the most difficult set of Pokemon to capture, thanks to their ridiculously low catch rate of 0.3%, making them the most prized grabs in the game.

Using the Daily Incense is the only way to come across these three, but it looks like trainers are having it tougher than ever, as pointed out by user ‘HalfOfCrAsh’ who asked, “Anybody else feel like they’re the only one not seeing the birds?” in a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit.

The post sparked comments from several fellow trainers who could relate to the OP’s experience of not finding the Galarian Birds, no matter how hard they tried.

Right off the bat, a player stated that they’d seen the elusive Birds previously, but since the beginning of 2024. Others shared that they “haven’t seen any in months” with some reports of encounters from December 2023.

Even those who use the Daily Incense regularly seem to have run into a dead end in their hunt. “I used to see one at the end of my Incense at least twice a week. Ever since I caught my Articuno last year I haven’t seen a single one,” a trainer explained.

As more joined the bandwagon of not finding the Galarian Birds “in ages,” one lucky player may have found the trick to force their spawns. “I’ve been using the Roar of Time Dialga with the Daily Incense. I’ve gotten 2 G Moltres encounters in 400 spawns.”

You should know that using Roar of Time with Dialga in Pokemon Go can extend the duration of the Daily Incense up to two hours from the usual 15 minutes, leading the community to speculate if this is how they can find the Birds now.

As you try to find the Galarian Birds in Pokemon Go, here’s how to check if they have 100 IVs even before catching them. Also, check out how the Adventure Effects from Dialga and Palkia can make the grind easier.

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