Lucky Pokemon Go player finds all three Galarian Birds in record time

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Galarian Birds Pokemon Go

A Pokemon Go player managed to find all three Galarian Birds in a single run, but though their story might seem like a lucky encounter, it has a twist.

Pokemon Go players are always looking for the rarest and strongest Pokemon of the lot, and among all the Legendary species in the game, Galarian Birds are the most sought-after ones. Finding these elusive species can be quite a challenge while catching them by regular means is nearly impossible.

Galarian Birds tend to spawn once in a blue moon, and they’ll flee right after your first unsuccessful throw. However, this trainer managed what seemed impossible, to find all Galarian Birds with a single Daily Adventure Incense usage, and didn’t even doubt it: they used their Master Balls on them.

This was shared on the Pokemon Go subreddit by user ‘BlueEyedBlackOwl,’ and the community applauded their good luck, though suffered with them when the story took a twist.

The OP was hellbent on catching their favorite Galarian Bird, Moltres, but was gladly surprised to encounter Zapdos. They had two Master Balls in their pocket and measured their luck and the chances to find another bird and said: “Why not?”

Soon after, the unthinkable happened: another Galarian Bird pops up on their screen, and it’s Articuno. The OP doubted if using their second and last Master Ball was the right choice, so they consulted their girlfriend.

Believing there was no way Galarian Moltres would appear, they went ahead and used the Master Ball. But only a few seconds after this, they regretted their decision: Galarian Moltres appeared. Of course, this time, the OP didn’t have a Master Ball, so Moltres fled.

One of the players commenting on the post said: “That is f**ing insane.” Meanwhile, another one stated: “And people are saying the birds were nerfed. You’re just hogging them all!”

So there you have it, next time you are looking for the Galarian Birds, make sure to think twice before using a Master Ball.

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