Pokemon Go: What are Shundo, Hundo & Nundo Pokemon?

Joaquín Frere
Legendary and regular Pokemon in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go community has developed its own slang to refer to the best and the worst Pokemon in the game. If you are starting to play Niantic’s AR Pokemon game, you can’t miss what Shundo, Hundo, and Nundo Pokemon are.

It isn’t strange for online or multiplayer games like Pokemon Go to develop their own terminology or slang to refer to some of their features. When hunting down creatures in Pokemon Go, players usually check the Pokemon Go IV system by asking the Team Leaders about their Pokemon capabilities.

The Pokemon evaluation process in Pokemon Go varies, but players use numbers from 1 to 100 to grade their catches. This is where the slang comes in, and it’s the best way to refer to special shiny Pokemon or even completely useless ones.

Pokemon Go players use the terms Shundo, Hundo, and Nundo, so here’s what they mean.

What does Hundo mean in Pokemon Go?

Hundo Pokemon in Pokemon Go

A Hundo Pokemon is any creature with 15 out of 15 possible points in all three core stats of HP, Attack, and Defense. This is the definition of a Hundo Pokemon, the most important term to understand the rest of this guide.

When appraising a Pokemon with your corresponding Team Leader, the three different stat bars for HP, Attack, and Defense will appear. If you see three full bars, that means that you’ve got yourself the strongest version of that particular Pokemon, and a very valuable Hundo.

What is a Shundo Pokemon in PoGo?

Shiny pokemon in Pokemon Go
Shiny Pokemon can become the best in the game if they are Shundo.

In Pokemon Go Shundo means that a Hundo Pokemon is shiny.

Not only do you need luck to find the shiny version of that Pokemon, but you also need to achieve 100% perfect stats. So if you have any shiny Pokemon in stock, appraise and double-check! You might have a Shundo under your nose.

If you have already captured a shiny Pokemon, but the appraisal is not the one of a Hundo, you can trade with another friend to randomize these stats. The more friendship between the two, the greater the chances of getting a stronger Pokemon, so feel free to try it out with some old shinies!

Pokemon Go: Nundo Pokemon explained

Pokemon Go players use the term Nundo to refer to a Pokemon with zero points in every possible appraisable stat. They are completely useless since their performance in battle will be bad, but just as Hundo Pokemon are a rare find, so are Nundo.

If a Pokemon doesn’t have the HP, Attack, and Defense stats all maxed out, it doesn’t mean it’s useless. You can always leave that one for your personal collection, or if it’s in between 90% or 100% perfect stats it will still be great for raids.

Part of the game’s excitement is to find new and rare Pokemon, but if they can also be used strategically in Pokemon battles, then all the better. Having Hundo and Shundo Pokemon will boost your teams’ PVP abilities, so you gotta catch ’em all.

That’s all you need to know about the Pokemon Go slang including Hundo, Shundo, and Nundo. For more Pokemon content, you can also check out the following links below:

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