New Pokemon Go Master Ball Research finally gives players what they want

Niladri Sarkar
master ball with pokemon go logo

The upcoming Pokemon Go Master Ball Masterwork Research is exactly what players were eager for, as it solves two glaring issues with the previous quests.

Pokemon Go players have a third chance to get the prized Master Ball, having a 100% chance to catch any Pokemon, be it Legendaries, Ultra Beasts, or rare shinies. This brand-new Masterwork Research will kick off during the Catching Wonders event on May 14, 2024, and it’s a welcome departure from the previous two editions.

Trainers can’t contain their excitement about the new quest as the Catching Wonders Masterwork Research is free and has no deadline to complete, giving everyone a fair opportunity to bag the Master Ball!

The first-ever Let’s Go Special Research featuring the debut of the special Poke Ball was easy, and most used it on the Galarian Birds. The last edition, however, was slammed by the community. Though it was available to all trainers, it hosted grueling tasks, including the notorious ‘Win 60 Raids’ to be done in just 81 days.

With most players unable to complete the lengthy quest in the given time, Pokemon Go brought a paid version with easier tasks but costing a whopping $7.99 (or the equivalent in your country). So, fans have only a single Master Ball, making it more confusing to use with fears of something more worthy debuting down the line.

Pokemon Go trainers took to a post on the Silph Road subreddit by user ‘Amiibofan101’ and called it the “best event feature by far” and were relieved it didn’t turn out to be a paid or Timed Research.

When a few pointed out that the tasks are sure to be long and exhausting, a player wrote, “Tbh for a non-expiring Masterwork Research, I think that’s totally fine.” Another joked: “You can take years to complete it if you want to,” adding that they were very happy with the quest.

With Go Fest 2024 right around the corner, players can make progress in the Masterwork Research and ultimately use their Master Ball to catch a rare and powerful Shundo in Pokemon Go.

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