Best M16A4 class build in XDefiant

Amitesh Dhar
The M16A4 in XDefiant

The M16A4 is a burst-AR in XDefiant that is both lethal and precise. So, here is the best loadout to maximize the weapon’s capabilities.

The M16A4 is a three-round burst-fire Assault Rifle in XDefiant. When paired with the right build, the weapon can be very effective in medium and close-range combat.

It might take a bit of time to adjust to the weapon, especially for players who’ve spent the majority of time using automatic ARs like the M4AI. Nevertheless, making the jump can be worth it if you use the best build.

So, here’s the best M16A4 loadout that you should be using in XDefiant.

Best XDefiant M16A4 build attachments

  • Barrel: Heavy Barrel
  • Muzzle: Muzzle Booster
  • Front Rail: Small Vertical Grip
  • Rear Grip: Quick Draw Grip
  • Stock: Precision Stock

This loadout for the M16A4 in XDefiant is aimed at increasing the damage output of the weapon without sacrificing the aim down the sight time.

M16A4 loadout screen in XDefiant
Our M16A4 build offers a great balance between damage output and ADS speed.

For starters, choose the Heavy Barrel as you’ll get a flat 5% damage boost, but it will reduce the rate of fire for the weapon. To compensate for the loss in the rate of fire, go with the Muzzle Booster as the Muzzle. This attachment will increase your rate of fire by 2.5%.

For the Front Rail, you should go with the Small Vertical Grip because the attachment will reduce the ADS time and increase your movement speed while aiming down sights.

Finally, for the Rear Grip and the Stock, select Quick Draw Grip and Precision Stock, respectively. The latter will reduce both Horizontal and Vertical Recoil by 5% each, while the former will ensure that you ADS 10% quicker.

By running this MI64A class build, you will be able to eliminate an enemy within 6 shots, which translates to two three-round bursts in XDefiant at a distance of 100m. The number of shots required to eliminate them will decrease the closer they get to you.

It’s worth noting that the weapon comes with the default Iron Sights. In case you’re having some difficulty using it, you can always switch out the Quick Draw Grip and replace it with the Reflex Sights. While you’ll lose out a bit on the ADS speed, the Reflex Sights will improve your accuracy.

Best secondary & equipment for M16A4 class in XDefiant

The best secondary weapon to use with this M16A4 class in XDefiant is the 93R, and you’ll want to opt for Frag Grenades for equipment.

The 93R falls short in terms of base damage when compared to other pistols, but the weapon’s three-round burst pairs well with the M16A4. Since the handgun is all about agility, outfit it with a Fast Mag and the Quick Draw Rear Grip for the best results.

As for the device, Frag Grenades fare best with this loadout. Since you’ll be able to dish out damage at range using the M16A4, lobbing a grenade in your enemy’s direction could finish them off when they go into cover.

Best Faction for the M16A4 in XDefiant

The best Faction for this M16A4 class in Xdefiant is the Cleaners because of their Incendiary Rounds passive trait. The trait inflicts extra burn damage over time on enemies, which means any enemies you tag will feel the burn even when they run for cover.

Cleaners in XDefiant
The Cleaners are the best Faction to use with the M16A4.

Besides that, the Incinerator Drone ability can cause all sorts of chaos when used correctly. It can force enemies out of tight positions, and lower their health allowing you to go on the offensive.

How to unlock M16A4 in XDefiant

To unlock the M16A4 in XDefiant, you need to complete a Base Challenge that requires you to get 20 headshot kills with an Assault Rifle.

There are no restrictions on the mode in which you need to do it, so head into any of the multiplayer modes and try to get headshots as quickly as possible.

If you want to level up fast, take advantage of Double XP and check out our guide on how to rank up quickly.

Best alternatives to M16A4 build

The best alternative to the M164A class in XDefiant is undoubtedly the ACR 6.8. The AR ranks high among the best weapons in the game, offering a solid balance between precision and damage output. Another great option is the AK-47, which can melt through enemies if you’re using the best loadout.

That concludes everything you need to know about the best loadout for the M16A4 in XDefiant. To give yourself the best chance of dominating lobbies, check out our list of best guns in XDefiant, and the best PC settings for the game.

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