How to unlock DedSec Faction in XDefiant

Amitesh Dhar
DedSec with spiderbot

DedSec, the popular hacker group from Watch Dogs, can be found in XDefiant too, so here’s how you can unlock the faction in the game.

In XDefiant, you can select and play as different factions from popular Ubisoft titles. While most of these factions are available to you from the start, you cannot access some of them.

DedSec is a Faction that you need to unlock if you want to play as them on the Ubisoft-themed maps in the game.

So, here’s how you can unlock DedSec in XDefiant.

How to get DedSec in XDefiant for free

To unlock DedSec in XDefiant for free, you need to activate and complete its major challenge by earning 700,000 XP in the game. While that sounds easy, you will have to invest a considerable amount of time if you want to unlock the Faction for free.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of grinding for 700,000 XP, you can unlock the Faction by purchasing it using X-Coins in the game. There are two purchases that you can make, and they are as follows:

  • Sebastian & DedSec Faction – 1000 X-Coins.
  • All DedSec characters, Game over Sebastian & P90 Skin – 2,500 X-Coins.
DedSec comes with four unique abilities.

All DedSec abilities in XDefiant

Just like the other factions in XDefiant, DedSec also has some abilities that fall in line with their hacker background. These abilities are as follows:

  • Fabricator (Passive) – After a device is deployed, the Fabricator prints a new one.
  • Spiderbot (Active) – Deploys a Spiderbot that stuns the nearest enemy via a face hug.
  • Hijack (Active) – Hack into enemy-deployed abilities to make them your own.
  • Lockout (Ultra)– Prevent the enemies from using their Ability and Ultra in an area of effect.

That sums up everything that you need to know about DedSec and how to unlock them in XDefiant. For more information about the game, be sure to check out:

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