How to counter Incinerator Drone in XDefiant

Lucas Simons
How to counter Incinerator Drone

The Incinerator Drone is one of the most troublesome abilities you need to deal with in XDefiant. But don’t worry, here are some effective ways to counter it.

In XDefiant, every Faction has a set of abilities that cause different effects from buffs to area damage. The Incinerator Drone is one of such abilities, which can cause a lot of area damage and end up with a sure-kill explosion.

If you want to know which are the best ways to counter the Incinerator Drone in XDefiant, here are some tips to disrupt this Cleaner’ ability.

XDefiant: How to counter Incinerator Drone Cleaners ability

Since the XDefiant Cleaners Faction is all about causing damage and burning, the Incinerator Drone’s main function is to stop the attack of players while also forcing them to get out of cover.

This flying device creates a path of fire that drops from above and surpasses small and medium cover to finally explode in a 6.5-meter radius, causing heavy damage to every player in the area. It’s quite tricky to deal with, but don’t worry, we got some tips to help you counter it.

Shoot it down from a safe distance

The best way to deal fast with the Incinerator Drone is by shooting it down while it flies. Though it’ is not an easy target, this is the only way to effectively stop it on its track before it explodes.

Cleaners Ability Tree XDefiant
Cleaners are specialized in fighting with fire and explosives.

If you are playing with Libertad or Echelon factions, you might be able to deal with it from a safe distance or help your allies by destroying it before it explodes. While playing with DedSec, you can use Hijack to revert its flight towards the Cleaners or use Lockout to completely block them from using Incinerator Drone.

Throwing an EMP Grenade

EMP Grenades are also a good way to deal with Incinerator Drones, but they’re an unreliable tool when you are in the heat of combat.

Try to throw the EMP Grenade to the Cleaners in the opposing team to disrupt their ability before they’re able to deploy it.

Hiding behind a wall

Finally, hiding behind total cover in XDefiant can protect you from the worst part of the Incinerator Drone’s blast attack.

Just make sure not to step on the flaming trail that the drone leaves after it explodes, and you’ll be mostly safe from its effects.

And that’s how you counter the Incinerator Drone ability in XDefiant. Remember to stay up to date with your weapon builds. We’ve got plenty of great tips for players that want to level up faster. You can also check out these SMG rankings and the best Handguns in the game.