Best LMGs in XDefiant – Full tier list

Amitesh Dhar
Player using the M60 in XDefiant

When choosing the best gun in XDefiant, LMGs are a strong choice if you prefer the spray-and-pray playstyle. Although you’ll have to deal with a considerable amount of recoil, the shots that you land on the enemy will deplete a good chunk of their health bar.

So, here is a ranked list of all the LMGs that you will come across in XDefiant.

All XDefiant LMGs ranked

At launch, you will come across three LMGs in XDefiant but more of them are set to arrive once Season 1 goes live in the game. Here’s a ranked list of the weapons that are available currently.

  1. M60
  2. M249
  3. RPK-74

Best Light Machine Guns explained

3. RPK-74

RPK-74 in XDefiant
The RPK-74 has the fastest reload time on this list.

The RPK-74 has dropped to the third and last place among the Light Machine Guns in XDefiant. The firepower of all LMGs is nearly identical, and while the RPK offers better mobility compared to other options in the category, its aiming stability is terrifying, making it very difficult to control even a small spray.

If you’re truly looking for a weapon that can provide aiming stability and an interesting fire rate, we suggest exploring other options within the LMGs or considering an Assault Rifle that meets your expectations.

2. M249

M249 in XDefiant
The M249 is the first LMG you receive in the game.

The M249 is the first Light Machine Gun you receive in XDefiant, so if you want to unlock either of the other two weapons, you must first use this LMG, which is the choice of many players.

Controlling the recoil of the M249 can be a challenge if it’s your first time using this weapon, but you’ll get used to it quickly and can take full advantage of the 100-round magazine.

1. M60 – Best LMG in XDefiant

M60 in Xdefiant
The M60 is the best LMG in the game.

The M60 is by far, the strongest LMG in XDefiant, but you will have to deal 5000 damage to enemy equipment to unlock this weapon. This weapon hits very hard but has a high reload speed and inhibits your ability to move swiftly on the map.

The damage falloff at long range isn’t significant either, and you can overcome the reload speed deficit with some attachments easily to make the M60 a great option, especially if Phantoms are your favorite Faction in XDefiant.

That sums up our list of best LMGs in XDefiant, but we’ll be sure to update this piece whenever the meta changes in the game. If you like playing with other weapons, be sure to check out our list of the best SMGs and the best Assault Rifles in XDefiant.

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