How to counter Spiderbot in XDefiant

Max Candelarezi
XDefiant Spiderbot DedSec ability

Have you been taken out by the Spiderbot in XDefiant and need a strategy to counter it? Here are some tips and tricks you should use to counter DedSec’s Spiderbot ability.

The Spiderbot, a tactical ability from XDefiant‘s DedSec Faction, deploys a robotic spider to locate and attack nearby enemies. When the Spiderbot finds its target, it leaps onto them, attaches itself to their face, and stuns them, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

Due to its effectiveness, many players are already asking the developers to nerf the powerful Faction ability. Until then, here’s all you need to know to counter the XDefiant Spiderbot attack.

XDefiant: How to counter Spiderbot DedSec ability

XDefiant Spiderbot attack
The Spiderbot attack can become extremely annoying during an intense game.

Given the Spiderbot’s quick movement, avoiding one can prove tricky. However, there are a few ways you can block and counter its attack. Here are several tips and tricks you can use to avoid Spiderbots in XDefiant.

Well-timed melee attack

The most efficient way to counter XDefiant’s Spiderbot is by utilizing a well-timed melee attack as it jumps for your face. This will neutralize the attack and shut them down.

While this may take a little practice to get the timing down, once you master this method, you won’t have to worry about being exposed during a fight.

XDefiant player meleeing Spiderbot
Meleeing the Spiderbot will disable the incoming attack and defuse the threat.

Shoot them before they catch you

Although it may seem like the most obvious choice to counter it, all you need to do is shoot at it before it catches you. This will require you to neglect enemy players for a brief moment, but with decent aim, you should be able to neutralize the Spiderbot quickly.

Get a teammate to help you kill it

This option is the most difficult to achieve as a countermeasure, especially if you play XDefiant alone. But teamwork is a worthwhile option to stop Spiderbots in XDefiant.

A teammate shooting Spiderbots from a safe distance can prove to be an effective strategy, rather than being involved in the hunt yourself. Doing so will benefit the entire team by preventing any member from being stunned.

Those were the best tips and tricks you should consider when encountering a Spiderbot in XDefiant. Using the best settings to target and kill these robotic insects in the game also goes a long way, especially with your controller or mouse and keyboard, offering easy access to the melee button.

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